In February of this year, my SO and I had a fun 6 week trip that covered Tokyo, Helsinki, London and Amsterdam. As you can imagine, I have way too many photos to blog. So here is a small selection of snaps that I took in Harajuku, Tokyo. It was our second time travelling there; the first trip was only three days long! We split the 3-4 weeks in Tokyo on either side of our European adventures and stayed in different airbnb apartments both times. The first was in Hamamatsucho and the second was in Harajuku. Most of these photos are from the second half when our airbnb was a lovely ground floor flat in the Omotesando Hills part of Harajuku…



The street of the flat we were staying in. Plus our jet-lagged breakfast at the nearby Starbucks with limited edition strawberry frappes.


The main shopping street Takeshita Dori. If you go down the side streets you can find even more little interesting stores like Sex Pot Revenge. This is the same little ] shaped street as the Evangelion Store.


Suffering jet-lag for the second half of our Tokyo trip, we had been on London time for almost a month, we were up and about before anything was open. Opening times were usually around 10am but there was a lot of cool street art on the store doors down Takeshita.



L1050218 L1050217

L1050224 L1050226

We went to a number of really good local eateries in Harajuku. This ramen bar, Afuri, specialises in pork broth and you order using a vending machine. They used a charcoal grill for slices of pork which made the small place smell heavenly! Pictured is my SO’s spicy ramen. My ramen had yuzu in the broth to add a bit of citrus. Soooo yummy!


The aforementioned Evangelion store! I think we went in here three or four times trying to decide what to buy. Everything was just so cool but photos inside were not allowed. You’re just going to have to go there yourself. :P

L1040630 L1040637

Don’t worry, we did fit in a little culture! :P This is the Meiji Shrine. We didn’t attempt any prayers though since we’re not that way inclined. But it was worth it for the history, atmosphere and the walk through the trees. You wouldn’t even know that you were in a bustling city.

L1050265 L1050273

A little street food. One traditional and one not so traditional. First, freshly fried crisps with chocolate sauce from the Calbee store on Takeshita. Just insanely good! It works, trust me! And down Cat Street from a little stall, takoyaki! They were super hot but so good and did not have a fishy taste like ones I’ve had back home in Australia.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little selection for my first post! Hopefully I’ll actually be able to post more in the future. Perhaps a review of our airbnb experiences would be good?

Jessica tumblr_inline_n0949yWDVY1qid2nw

tumblr_inline_mfnicn0aZv1qdlkyg SHINee – Everybody (Japanese version)


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