Review: Mario Kart 8



Like most people in the world who own a Wii U, I recently bought Mario Kart 8. I got it in a bundle with a Wii U and it was basically my only reason for buying the console. Though my SO is looking forward to the new Bayonetta. I thought I’d take a crack at a small review of it. I’m not the game reviewer in our family but, why not? :P

The first thing I noticed about the game was the graphics. They are just spectacular. The lighting and atmosphere are the best improvement from past versions. The smooth, crisp and plump cartoon figures look great on my big HDTV as well as the Gamepad’s screen. The way it looks plus the classic gameplay of Mario Kart makes it worth it right there.

The tracks and the customisable carts are varied and fun. I am greedy and could do with more grand prix cups and overall tracks but I enjoyed all of them in their different ways. Except, perhaps, Sherbet Land. Playing with my SO we both got through that track with little drama and it’s easily the most boring of them. I guess the upside is that you win easily? My favourite cart is definitely the pony one! Oh my gosh, ponies!!! Was my reaction and still is.

The character selection is also pretty good. I almost always play Wario but the new characters that are packed in are almost all interesting. I think Pink Gold Peach is a little random but I’m not well-versed on all things Mario. The jump poses have made me fall in love with Donkey Kong, though. I can’t get One Piece’s Franky out of my mind when he does any of his poses (I couldn’t find the exact one but this also works):



I found, inevitably, there was a great addition and a total blunder of a change. The addition being the Highlight Video and the blunder being the change in Battle Mode. The highlights certainly gave us many hearty laughs and the easy option of uploading to YouTube is a huge plus. Even on our crappy connection we uploaded a couple with no fuss. But the Battle Mode! Why!? They had great battle maps at their disposal and they changed it to normal tracks? We played a couple matches and I don’t think we ever saw each other. My SO hid in a weird section of one track (under water) and was never hit. It’s a bit ridiculous that I won with 4 hits. I definitely prefer old style Battle Mode and that is one key part of multiplayer fun that is now missing.

One of our videos! At least, we found it amusing. And you can’t forget about the newly made Luigi death stare meme. Feel free to google search that, it’s hilarious.


Over all, I do enjoy the game. The graphics are excellent, the tracks are super fun and the new highlight videos are amusing. Too bad about the battle mode! 8/10

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