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If you’re a Disney fan, like me, and going to Tokyo then I would 100% recommend going to DisneySea. Seriously, you have to go. I would pick it over Disneyland itself even. Though, between you and me, it’s still better to go to both while you’re there obviously. ;)

DisneySea is just something you won’t get at any other Disney park in the world. And if you’re like me and Aladdin and The Little Mermaid were huge films for you as a child – then prepare to be blown away! I really did feel like a little kid when I got to the Little Mermaid area. It’s truly magical!

My SO and I decided to go to both parks this trip (we did go to Disneyland on our first three day trip – yes that’s how much of a Disnerd I am) so we got a two-day passport and even booked a hotel night at the Disneyland Hotel. I would recommend booking a hotel room if you’re staying for more than one day. The trek from most places you’d stay in Tokyo, there and back, is seriously HUGE! You spend at least 15 minutes trudging through Tokyo Station alone, so save your feet and sanity – treat yourself to the full Disney experience! Our stay included a monorail pass that we picked up at the information centre. We ended up checking into our room in the evening after spending the day at Sea, using the lockers for our overnight bag. The hotel had a 7/11 type store in it for snacks and we splurged on the buffet dinner! And, as if the stars aligned themselves for me, our room had a view of Sleeping Beauty’s castle so I could see the fireworks that night! Probably two of the best days of my life, man!

The theme at the time was the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland so there were special designs for tickets and limited items! They had also begun bringing out Valentine’s Day items so I picked up some cute chocolate themed things as well.

Just a little bit of advice – there is no off-peak time for Tokyo’s Disney parks. Rain, snow or shine, cold or hot, the Japanese fans will go. So be prepared for a crowd no matter the time of year. Both times I’ve gone were in winter and it was still crowded. I didn’t find it too bad to be honest but I’m not a huge ride person. At most I think we waited 20 minutes for a ride. That was for the re-vamped Stars Wars in Disneyland. But we didn’t go on the big ones so *shrugs*!

Well, enough words! Photos are needed!

L1040395 L1040400 L1040403

I think you can tell from the get-go that DisneySea is more adult and about adventuring to far off interesting places rather than a fantasy world, well, until you get to the sea kingdom ;)!


The centre of the park, they have water float parades in the huge lake and you can ride boats between areas.

L1040410 L1040416 L1040421 L1040423 L1040429  L1040433


This is when I started squealing. Jasmine’s Magic Carpet Ride. I went on it. I know it’s a baby ride but it scared the hell out of me. That’s why I’m not a ride person. But I had to because… magic carpets!


We only got one churro each but it was strawberry milk flavoured – amazing! And Mickey shaped!

L1040461 L1040462 L1040464

I felt like I was back in the 90s, it was excellent! As you can see, most of the merchandise in the Aladdin area was Genie, or Rajah.

L1040469 L1040472

It’s totally worth buying a re-fillable popcorn bucket! They have plain designs or thematic designs during the year too. The flavours are insane and we had curry, soy sauce and apple cinnamon! We ended up getting curry twice, it was so good!

L1040476 L1040481 L1040492

I think these photos are proficient proof as to why the Little Mermaid fan in me almost died and went to heaven! The detail was seriously amazing, even the food was cool…


L1040509 L1040522 L1040545 L1040546

These dumplings are from a tiny cart next to the Toy Story area and I beg you, I implore you, to get some! They were mind-blowingly good!

L1040549 L1040551 L1040552 L1040566

I treated myself to staying at the awesome hotel and this was the cheapest room but the view was amazing and every detail was immaculate. It’s worth the cost I swear. I stole all the amenities they offered because they were all great. A Disneyland Hotel plastic mug is in my bathroom right now holding mascaras. ;)

c1f6448c873c11e3934512125f563021_8 da337e02873c11e3a9460e1ad7174570_8

Our meal from the Sherwood Forest buffet restaurant in the hotel. All the food was excellent and we ate until we were very very full!

401e67e487ac11e38dff0a7d714f88f5_8 0352c7b8824011e39edc0e8f330c44ee_8

The plastic balloon filled with yum gummy beans was a 30th Anniversary limited item and my SO got the other colour of it. So I’m afraid you can’t go get one now. :P BWAHAHAH! But these are fun little additions you can expect from the merchandise available. And the poster was my first photo in Tokyo in the window of a 7/11. I just included it for… fun? But in actuality, symmetry.

So I hope you enjoyed my photos! I could do a post on Disneyland too. I didn’t take as many photos there this time since I had tonnes from my first trip. Granted, the themes were entirely different. This time being 30th Anniversary and last time I was there it was Christmas! Maybe I’ll do a mega post with both trips included so you can see the difference. And I do enjoy reliving my Disney experiences while typing everything out *squee*

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