Review: Etude House Sweet Nail Art Sticker


Etude House Sweet Nail Art Sticker in Fashion Stripe

I bought this from RoseRoseShop and one sheet cost $2.40. I think it’s Australian dollars, I can’t remember, it might be US.

They were simple to apply. Just like using a sticker, I peeled them off the backing and stuck them to my nail.

Make sure you have them in the right position on the base of your nail before you stick because you can’t lift it and re-position.

I made sure it was all stuck to my nail as smooth as possible. If you see in the picture, pretty much all were smooth except both of my index fingers. I suppose they have a weird shape compared to my others.

My nails aren’t very long either so there was plenty of sticker left over. I folded it over the nail and pushed it under with my nails and the sticker tore off easily. I filed a couple of them with little bits left.

Over all, it was reaaaally easy and I think they came out okay! They were shiny and flat but I put a top layer of polish over them anyway.

Probably the only thing that bugs me is the feeling of the edge of my nails not being smooth. The stickers, even with filing, make it feel a little rough and it can pick up hairs or threads a little bit. Just something to keep in mind.

Also, it doesn’t bug me per say, but after finishing them I put my hands near my face and the stickers smell like eucalyptus. Not a problem if you don’t sniff your fingers a lot right after but I’m not sure why they smell that way.

I’ve had them on for a few hours, washed my hands 3 times since, and they have come off a little at the ends. They’re a bit messy looking so if you like an immaculate manicure these might be a waste of time

I give them   tumblr_inline_n1v0bxCpIv1qid2nwtumblr_inline_n1v0bxCpIv1qid2nwtumblr_inline_n1v0bxCpIv1qid2nw   3 cherries out of 5

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Music Graphic Thumbelina – Let Me Be Your Wings


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