I know I have posted a tonne of Tokyo posts in this blog so far. If you know my SO and I, though, you’ll know that we are completely insane for Finland. I don’t know what it is about the country or the people, but it’s awesome. We have been to Helsinki three times now and Turku once. We’ve only been able to go in winter but it’s only snowed the last visit! So the next lot of photos are pretty white and grey from all the glorious snow! Finns don’t seem to care about it piling up in the city streets and you’ll be hopping over piles of it to cross roads; slipping on ice when crossing the street; or, watching people almost get crushed by falling snow and ice. But pretty much everyone laughs it off. Just… go with it and hope you don’t break anything! ;)


First the Havis Amanda fountain, obviously turned off for winter hehe. And the iconic Helsinki Cathedral.


The stronghold-like train station! A lot of downtown Helsinki architecture is in the Art Nouveau or National Romantic style.


One of the go to tourist streets, Aleksanterinkatu. Here you’ll find gorgeous Art Nouveau buildings and all the stores. It starts with the department store Stockmann and goes past Helsinki Cathedral.


Example of the Art Nouveau goodness!



The window display of Fazer! You’ll find the chocolate/lolly store and cafe inside. The chocolate is so good and the cakes with coffee are worth every euro! In fact, coffee is the best everywhere – they are a coffee loving nation after all!


Fazer cakes!


You have to stop by the Moomin store, in Forum.


The park down the middle of the Esplanadi! It’s always been green when we’ve gone and it was finally blanketed with crisp white snow.


I just think this is an epic monument. The statue is of Johan Ludvig Runeberg who is the national poet of Finland. The statue was made by his son!

L1040676 L1040678

The famous and expensive Hotel Kämp! If you’re really going to splurge this is apparently the place to stay.


Kappeli is a popular restaurant and super pretty! The building behind it was having work done, not the restaurant itself. ;)


So much snooowwww!

L1040692 L1040694

Upenski Cathedral. Both famous cathedrals are in the Russian Orthodox style and built when Finland was a Duchy of Russia.


A MEGA pile of snow that someone climbed with their child. :)


I don’t know why there are turtles out here but they are pretty cute and famous!


Ahhh inside out of the cold! This is the view from a restaurant we always go to in Helsinki, KAARNA baari & keittiö. It’s inside the Forum shopping centre.


Meatballs at Kaarna. They were yum with lingonberries and pickle!


My SO’s meal. I think it’s reindeer? I can’t remember. Apparently it was delish!


Smoked Reindeer and beer from Nokia (yeah, the city that the phone company came from!)


Travel a bit north from downtown and you’ll find MusicHunter. A kick ass record store. Look at itttt! Record Shop X should also be visited if you’re into music, especially metal. This is the land of power and folk metal obviously!



Yes, this is the entirety of the Helsinki metro. It’s easy to work out at least!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.24.33 pm fe0828408b1611e382260a0c58a2d6e3_8 ed01289c8b1811e3a2d60a029fa6100c_8 ac76d5f68b3611e392520ef0453e1a92_8

Our breakfast at Cafe Aalto in the Academic Bookstore (next to Stockmann). Amazing bookstore and amazing food! The coffee and cake from Fazer Cafe. And of course, I love European clothes so I did a lot of shopping!


Gorgeous Academic Bookstore designed by the national design treasure, Alvar Aalto!

Well this is all from the land of a thousand lakes. I hope you enjoyed them and maybe convinced you to have a visit? ;)

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