Christmas Time at Tokyo Disneyland


Let’s step back in time shall we… It’s 2011 and… what? Okay, so it wasn’t too long ago but it’s the year I first went overseas! Starting with Tokyo and then onto random countries in Europe. Since I shared photos of DisneySea from this year I thought I’d share some Christmas photos of Disneyland from back then. Enjoy~~

404197_10150574987759673_136349917_n 400324_10150574988254673_2017428031_n 385452_10150574995849673_1400140765_n 405311_10150574990584673_1307984835_n 381205_10150574989449673_82632916_n 380879_10150574988614673_1120847825_n 390221_10150574995249673_1862780352_n 395986_10150574990164673_1149529034_n 407620_10150574989039673_1309715877_n 398974_10150574988704673_864151077_n 403072_10150574989539673_1781316109_n 407222_10150574992609673_63836913_n 402368_10150574990874673_1029883955_n 402318_10150574991224673_713538558_n  375476_10150574992349673_1981485931_n403573_10150574989174673_1060970910_n

I hope you enjoyed this little picture fest of Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland!

JessicaSignature Graphic

Music GraphicKis-My-Ft2 – My Resistance


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