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I recently ordered from Kpoptown and though I found plenty of posts about ordering Kpop CDs from them, I couldn’t find many about ordering beauty products. I bit the bullet and ordered anyway and thought I’d review them when it came in. Over all, I’m really happy with it and would probably order from them again.

The first thing I liked about their site is the range of currencies you could shop in. Australian was included so I didn’t have to work out how much each item would be from Won or US dollars.

Going to the cosmetics section each brand was listed with a drop down menu of their products sorted like ‘skin care’, ‘eye make up’, ‘tools’, etc. That made browsing and searching for certain items much easier.

They take Paypal, Credit Card and Western Union. I used Paypal just in case. But I also use it when I’m too lazy to go find my card haha.

There’s no Wishlist function which makes me sad as I like to window shop online that way.

But there are loyalty points and vouchers. Loyalty points can be turned into money vouchers, I currently have 5 points which I could make into a $1.22 voucher. I also already have a voucher code for 3% off. So it’s nice to have these little savings!

I ordered 1st of June and I was notified of a tracking number and shipment on the 9th. The shipping was expensive though, AUD$30.70, but I chose Registered Airmail. There is a cheaper option of normal Airmail and a more expensive option of EMS.

With Registered Airmail my package arrived 18th June. I wasn’t in a hurry for anything so I thought this was acceptable. It arrived well packed and everything in perfect order. So, it was 18 days between ordering and delivered.

tumblr_inline_n1v0bxCpIv1qid2nw I would definitely recommend Kpoptown for cosmetics orders if you don’t mind shipping time and price. A plus is that you can buy some CDs and collectables while you’re at it. ;)

So, enough with the serious talk, here are the photos.

IMG_1077 IMG_1079

It came in a sturdy box but obviously it’s had a bumpy ride. It was filled with crazy looking packing peanuts! I’ve had many a package and have never seen cool ones like these haha.


Everything was packed together and mostly individually bubble-wrapped.


Included were two samples of a TolyMoly foam cleanser. I’ve never used this before so I’m excited to try it out. I haven’t found a foam cleanser I like so far.


All unwrapped! The Etude House nail polishes are why I ordered in the first place haha. Also the fact that my usual sites didn’t have the Missha BB cream in #13 OR the Innisfree cream for men!

IMG_1083 IMG_1084

I thought I’d try out this Etude House Lip & Eye Remover (gotta love that name hehe) because my oil cleanser stings the hell out of my eyes! And the new Etude House Melting Summer nail polishes I was dying to buy. Since I got one of the Juicy Cocktail sets I have wanted more dreamy shimmery polishes.

IMG_1085 IMG_1086

I’ve gotten into lipstick recently so I thought I should buy a proper lip balm. This one is TolyMoly Mini Peach Lip Balm. I’ve gone nuts for peach lately! It sort of looks like a nipple though hehehe /dirty mind. It smells like fresh peaches and it’s a bit waxy and colourless so it’s perfect for going under lipstick!

The Innisfree all-in-one cream is for my SO. This is the second tube I’ve bought and it seems to work well for him! He had red and flaky skin on his cheeks and nose and putting this on after his morning shower has improved it. He’s not a product man at all so it was important to buy one cream he could put on once and not worry about and this certainly does the job.

IMG_1087 IMG_1088

Ahhh the coveted Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13! I’ve already tried some on my hand and it’s a perfect match for my skin and it is definitely nicer to apply than the Skin79 Green. There are plenty reviews of this out there if you want one. I had heard  a little about pink powders before so I thought I’d try this Etude House one out since it was cheaper. Here is a good review of it! I’m looking forward to trying it out.

If there are any items you’d like a review of specifically just comment and I’ll post one after I’ve played around with these goodies a bit more! I think Kpoptown is a good place to buy Asian cosmetics and I would most likely buy there again.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Kpoptown

  1. worries says:

    hi im really worried about the things I bought from kpoptown not coming at all. you know the tracking codes that you get when they ship a package well mine has either stopped working or something has happened to it because my package hasn’t moved in over 2 weeks! I ordered on the 7th of jan and today it is the 28th although it hasn’t been 18 days like yours im just really worried it has been stuck in the same airport since the 11th- and that was the last update that has come through. I contacted me and they sent me instructions on how to use the website that I was using!!! I don’t know there prices are sooo good and I really want my order to just come so I can trust them and order off them again. any advice??


    • kittenishgirl says:

      Hi there! It really depends on what country you’re in, where the package is stuck, etc. It could be in customs and taking a much longer time. I also know a lot of post companies are taking longer to process, USPS and Australia Post both have decided to do this. Also it can take over a month for packages depending on distance, etc. I’d contact Kpoptown again and ask them to investigate the package with their postal service. I actually just got a package in the mail from another company that took 5 months! Mostly because my postal service is so poor right now. Don’t lose hope and make sure to start emailing them regularly. Perhaps check with your own postal service and see what they can do – usually they have extra tracking that they can access but we can’t see! Sorry for my late reply and I hope you get your package!


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