Tokyo Beauty Haul


I went to Tokyo in January/February. It was two trips with a month in London between. This is what I bought during both times. As you can see, I forgot which Majolica Majorca mascara (gold tubes) I bought the first time around and got the same one twice haha! The right bottom corner are all the samples I got from Etude House and Tony Moly. :D All my photos around this lot are a little jumbled and randomly done so if there’s something above you want to know more about, and it’s not pictured below, let me know and I’ll do an extra post!


These are the sheet masks I picked up! LuLuLun was from a big cosmetic store in Venus Fort, Pure Smile was a pharmacy on Takeshita Street and I bought the Innisfree one from a specialised Korean beauty store in Harajuku – the owner was super nice, knew great English, and gave me the Green Tea and male sheet masks for free! (I was with my SO but he’s too much of a baby to try it! :P )  The Pure Smile Royal Jelly Essence mask was my favourite of the group and of all the others I’ve tried since. So I’m thinking I should hunt some down online. It’s so nice, cooling and hydrating!


I think this was the Innisfree broccoli mask. I was doing my creepy serial killer face. :3


A mascara I bought at Etude House in Lumine Est on a complete whim. Just chucked it in my basket. I thought it looked really cute basically! And this has become my everyday mascara! It really does deliver what it promises. My lashes are longer and more curled than before. And I have yet to have smudges in sweat or rain. :)


Nail polishes!!! I’ve always been into nail polishes but not really. It’s been an off and on thing. Anyway, these were amongst a HUGE wall of polishes at Etude House and I randomly picked these up. I think I prefer the blue/purple ones more than the pink ones. The pink is a little streaky and the pink glitter isn’t as cool as the purple glitter. But all the same, they’re cute and fun! They put these huge stickers on them in Japan which is a little annoying – I can’t remove them cleanly. Oh well!

85ab1524ad7611e39121127e80be23a8_8 1741538_263979983778538_456339607_n

Eye liners. These were all random guess buys.

I like Dolly Wink and I heard K-Palette was good on reddit. Plus Sailor Moon, like omg! :D :P And Linehunter (gold) is Majolica Majorca, Proof 10 is Etude House.

So far I’ve used Proof 10 (a pencil) and I was sweating all night but it never smudged so that made me happy! I have annoying wrinkly, deep set eyes where eyeliner goes to perish – but this one made it through! Go Proof 10!

I’ve tried on Linehunter and the Sailor Moon one. The blackness and richness was definitely better in Linehunter.

Also, I definitely recommend that Canmake blush and the Canmake blush brush (you can see the white and pink fluffy end of it in the photo). The blush is perfect and pigmented. The brush is sooo soft and applies wonderfully!




One of my freebies/samples from Etude House. It can be a bracelet or a hair tie that doesn’t leave indents in your hair. I thought it was very cute with ice cream packaging.


Tony Moly Appletox and Innisfree Apple Juicy cleansing oil. I just really love apple, coconut and peach products! They both smell deliciously like apples. Some people don’t really like the Appletox, but I do! I put it on before bed as a sleeping pack and my face is lovely and soft the next morning. The cleansing oil works well but it really stings my eyes, and leaves them kind of blurry for awhile which is obviously not good, so now I use a separate lip & eye remover.

So there’s a little bit about my Tokyo cosmetics haul. Sorry that some photos are bad quality but I was using my old phone during the trip.

Jessica Signature Graphic


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