Anime Series That I’ve Loved Lately…

Just a 2 parter blog post about anime that I’ve loved watching recently!

Nisekoi, ニセコイ (Fake Love), or Nisekoi: False Love in English. My SO and I are both kind of obsessed with this. We started out randomly buying the first opening theme song CD in Tokyo and then got into the anime from there. It’s romantic comedy, harem. So it’s silly with lots of girls centred around the one guy, Raku. He’s the heir to a yakuza family and must pretend to be dating Chitoge (blonde hair, above) so that her gangster family won’t fight with his, it’s like the opposite of Romeo and Juliet. :P Alas, Raku is in love with Onodera (brown hair) and it all gets a little complicated! It also has a little mystery, he has a locket from a girl he met 10 years ago, she has the matching key, but of course he can’t remember who this girl was! The locket came with a promise that he would marry the girl with the key and, surprise surprise, multiple girls in the show have a damn key! INSANITY ENSUES! Okay, maybe not insanity. It’s a very good anime though, if not a little frustrating for whichever character you end up loving, mine being Onodera! There’s 1 season with 20 episodes and a manga. The manga has gone further story and character wise than the anime so far. An OVA is announced to release later this year but no other seasons have been so far. I hope it’ll continue but I may eventually pick up the manga.


Kamigami no Asobi, 神々の悪戯, Mischief of the Gods. This is another romance but with supernatural elements and reverse harem! So it’s a main girl character surrounded by lots of bishie boys. This anime is based on a visual novel series of games, dating ones basically. Yui is a normal human girl who is suddenly brought to a supernatural high school for gods by Zeus. The meddling Zeus wants all the gods to learn about humans and become better people with the help of Yui. He plans to do this through a year of school and If they don’t all graduate they’ll be stuck at the school FOREVERR, dun dun dunnn! The gods, sexy bishies all of them, are not very happy about this, naturally. You have a mix from Japanese, Norse, Greek and Egyptian mythology. In the picture above you have some of the gods that live at the school, from your left to right, Apollo, Hades, Tsukito, Takeru, Baldir and Loki. The show can be very dramatic at times with serious plot lines, especially with the Norse gods, and oh so silly at other times! It’s a fun anime and you get to perv on silly boys. Pretty good in my book!


D-Frag! ディーふらぐ! Diifuragu! or D-Fragments! This is a comedy set in high school. It’s ohhh sooo silly and just great fun to watch! Eccentric girls are in competing game development clubs and the delinquent Kenji ends up being forced to join one. The episodes are random sketches and extremely silly games are developed and played through. There isn’t much else to say, it’s just a random fun anime with 12 episodes that is definitely worth watching!

Well that’s enough for this post. I hope you may try out any number of the three I’ve mentioned. I’m also working on a part 2 with four other anime to post later!

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