Review: Cherry Culture

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I recently made a teeny tiny order from Cherry Culture for a NYX blush and the Beauty Blender. Basically, I haven’t found the blush colour in Australian Target, plus it was the cheaper American price on CC, and it seemed to be the best site for buying the BB. The Blender is available on BeautyBay but due to my bank being stupid I can’t use my card on there anymore. Anyway….

I’m looking at my emails to see when I ordered but I’m not seeing any at all. Either I deleted them or I didn’t get any? Either way, I guess I won’t comment on emails then haha.

Logging into my account on the site I ordered on the 11th of June. Because my order was $25 I got to choose a free lip balm in the flavour of my choice! Nice that I got to choose and I picked Peach. The shipping for the 3 (pretty small) items was $14.23 which isn’t great. It came with insurance but still.

The website itself is super simple to use with clear product photos on the menu page, ratings, brand search, etc.

The package itself arrived the same day as my Kpoptown order on 18th June. So between order and delivered (from US to Australia) it was 8 days. That’s prettttty good! So I guess the $14 wasn’t a complete waste. They marked the customs form as being “art supplies” so that confused me right off the bat! XD As you’ll see the packing they did was quite exceptional… no way was anything going to get damaged hahaha!

cherries Overall, I would recommend them. Being able to buy a large range of lower priced American cosmetics like NYX with fast shipping and an easy website to use is good in my book!


Came in a nicely sized sturdy box! The art supplies in 1 quantity was what threw me though… I think I prefer more honest descriptions since it was 3 cosmetic items.


There were two HUGE rolls of packing material. This is what it looked like after they had been unrolled with the items inside taken out. SO MUCH PACKING STUFF!


Seriously, a LOT!


Ew random hair! Sorry! But here’s the main two items I bought.


The NYX blush in Taupe. I heard this was good for contouring pale skin. Can’t get that shade in my city at least (Target display only has… 5 shades?) Yeahhh…. Plus it was cheaper in the end to get this from CC.


Here it is smudged with my finger onto my hand. A bit blended and a bit just straight on. I’m not sure about it yet… I may be TOO pale for this shade, even. I’m not even convinced I can contour with my freckles at this point.


This is kinda pointless? The Beauty Blender! It’s much smaller than I was expecting but I’m looking forward to trying it out, especially to apply BB cream.


I was still wearing the nail stickers from the review earlier and they lasted almost 2 weeks but did chip a bit. Just showing the size of the sponge.

I’ve realised now that I don’t have a photo of the lip balm I received for free. It’s a normal tube with a white balm inside. It’s Cherry Culture brand. The peach smell is nice if not more candy like than fresh peaches. It’s very soft and applies a lot in one swipe. I would only use it at night since you’d have to remove it to put lip product on. Any lipstick would just slide off. I don’t think it looked any different on my lips so it’s not really a gloss or colour stain. Putting on just before bed it lasts all the way to morning. I had to wipe off the extra after I got up. But it did make my lips nice and soft!

Cherry Culture is worth checking out as an Australian. The range of NYX is bigger and cheaper. Plus there are other American drugstore brands that we do not have like Milani!

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