Munich: Part One


My SO and I went on a month long trip around Germany in December 2012. Germany is just an amazing country to travel around, especially when you can take trains between cities. Our first stop was Munich and we landed at 5am after something like 30 hours of travelling… haha the jet lag, oh gosh! I have lots of awesome photos of this great city so I’ve split it into two posts. The second post will have my visit to Neuschwanstein Castle under a blanket of snow so you won’t want to miss that!


We stayed in the suburb around Nymphenburg Palace. On our jet lag morning wandering we found this cute katze!


I really wish I lived here, by the way. I wonder if I could get away with a purple and black house with a sloping roof in Australia?


The second day it started snowing and the palace was rather lovely all white. This was a popular spot for morning jogs for local residents. What a life!

L1010230 L1010238 L1010241

I’m a sucker for dragons on medieval buildings!

L1010247 L1010250

Mmm sausage! We ended up having a lot of these across different christmas markets – every city has a different style sausage!

L1010262 L1010380

A christmas market under a medieval gate! I’m a medieval nerd if you couldn’t tell.

L1010385 L1010415 L1010540

This fancy but simple feast was in the Alte Pinakothek. Probably one of the best art galleries I’ve ever been to! European Fanta is 87126464238 times better than American/Australian – it has actual orange in it!


Found Wally outside of the science museum.


I just split all the photos in exact half so I’m ending this post with the third photo of sausages! This was in a cute little cafe/bakery in the suburb around our hotel and we got a more traditional breakfast the first time around. With Bavarian mustard and pretzels these were so good!

JessicaSignature Graphic

Music GraphicEXO-K – Mama


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