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I remember going to the store with my Dad the week The Sims was released. I don’t think the store exists anymore! Both my Dad and I were fans of simulators like Sim City so it was a natural purchase. Don’t you just miss the big boxes and lengthy manuals that actually had interesting stuff in them? Gotta love old PC games. I admit that I was addicted to this game. Hell, I missed so much school because I wanted to play this instead that I got in trouble, woo! At one point I had my PC positioned so I could play it in bed and would play into the wee hours of the night. It helped that there was a budding internet community and lots of custom content to install. I also remember playing with my primary school best friend for ages, killing sims off in the pool, or with fire, or in 1 square rooms! Who didn’t do that though? Every house needed an extensive grave yard, so, it had to be done! Even though the newer versions of the game have gotten better in most aspects I don’t think the charm of the original game has ever been achieved. It is simplicity at its best even after a string of expansion packs.

Sims_NH 387825-800px_thesims


When The Sims 2 was announced I was sooo excited. Better graphics, new stuff? I couldn’t wait! Skip to the day I installed it and it was instant dislike. It looked terrible, building was too weird, the furniture sucked, the camera didn’t work right… the list was endless for young me. It just wasn’t Sims for me and it took years for me to bother getting back into it. Sure the expansions were fun and there was tonnes of custom content to download. I got it all but it just didn’t do anything for me. Nearly everyone I come across online who like the Sims always seems to say this is the best game. I’ve never seen it. I guess this is how some people feel about 3 and probably 4 (even though it hasn’t been released.) As a teen playing it for the first time and as an adult now looking back on how I got all the packs and modded it to high hell, I just think this lacks any charm. The mechanics were clunky and the graphics were sharp and weird. It just wasn’t The Sims for me!

Riverside The-Sims-2-screenshot-the-sims-2-34330117-1024-768


Roll around to The Sims 3 and, as usual, my thoughts were completely opposite the loud majority (?) who hated the doughy faces and the machine killing requirements. “I’m sticking with the superior Sims 2 for now” was just completely unexplainable to me! The sims looked amazing! The textures, the lighting, the modeling, the colour system… it was a bit overwhelming now that I looked back on it. Despite my love for this version of The Sims and the fact that I played it for a good chunk of hours… perhaps days. I still didn’t really play it to the full and never wanted to. I still did enjoy playing my single or couple adult characters, making them and designing their homes. The World Adventure expansion pack was super fun and my sim self spent some time going on travels. But it didn’t last long to be honest. Not the same way Sims 1 did. This was miles better than Sims 2 but it was overpacked, it lacked the simplicity of The Sims!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 6.21.09 pm Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 6.21.44 pm


So this brings me to my 2 cents on the new Sims coming in September. I’ve already pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition and am happily looking forward to it! From all the game information releases it seems that every one already hates this game. Like Sims 3, people won’t be getting the new one like ever and will continue playing the last one (either sims 3 or even sims 2!) They say there will be no pools, toddlers, basements, create-a-style, etc. And I’m going to be perfectly honest, I really don’t care if those things are missing. Maybe they’re finally going back to the simplicity of number 1! What was great about the Sims is making people, making houses and playing through life and some things are just not needed. Of course, I’m sure they will be added onto the game later. Let’s not be naive about how EA works these days. I’ve come to an agreement with myself that I don’t need everything. So I will only be buying the extras I am really interested in and if I can’t afford it then I will go without – and EA will go without my money. So, I’m still looking forward to this new rendition and can’t wait to start making new sims and filling their houses with base game stuff because I’m lame and vanilla like that – yeah I actually like furniture made by them haha. I mean, just look at the comparison below… it’s going to be sooo good looking and I don’t believe anyone who says Sims 2 looks superior.

Comparison 3

Hopefully I haven’t made anyone hate me over this! I just like to be more optimistic and realistic at the same time. Are you getting the new Sims 4 when it comes out?

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