Anime Series That I’ve Loved Lately: Part 2!

It’s time for my second part of Anime that I’m loving lately!…


Love Live! (ラブライブ! Rabu Raibu!) School Idol Project. This anime just finished it’s second and final season and it was just really great! My SO is a little obsessed haha. It’s set in Tokyo where schools have idol groups! Honoka, the cute red haired girl in the centre, goes to Otonokizaka Academy as a family tradition. When she finds out the school could be closed down due to low admission she and her friends decide to start a school idol group to promote their school! As the show continues more girls join and unlikely friendships are forged! It’s a very cute school anime with some very silly parts. Songs and dance routines are nicely done using 3D animation which can look a little weird contrasted with the traditional animation but it works. From what I’ve seen there are a lot of fans behind this show and the net has no lack of ships and fan art. It’s just easy to fall in love with these girls! Luckily there will be a movie so it’s not all over yet! Definitely worth checking out especially if you like idol groups.


Samurai Flamenco (サムライフラメンコ Samurai Furamenko) is an amime we finished recently. It’s a superhero, comedy-drama. Okay so I really liked it when it started out when Hazama is a male model who dreams of being a superhero and basically becomes one, though an incompetent one. He ends up befriending a local cop, Goto. As he becomes more famous an idol singer Mari joins in on the crime fighting (and her fighting is hilarious, especially the BING! sound she makes when she smashes in a criminal’s balls with her heel.) And then the story just escalates from there. Like, it goes through all these stages of superhero-dom, like a power rangers type group and mechs. His villains become more and more powerful and obsessed. I wasn’t sure if I liked the direction it was going but I enjoyed it all in the end none the less. The ending is a lot more serious and messed up than the start would lead you to believe. It’s like a homage to all the Japanese superhero series.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken) Well, the title says it all. This anime and manga is straight up BIZARRE. There are three parts in anime form currently, with the third still being released. The first is called Phantom Blood and the second is Battle Tendency. What is playing right now is called Stardust Crusaders. So, my SO and I watched the first episode together and it was basically “WTF is this?” and it was soooo bad that we just stopped. But the internet people love it so much and talk about how great it is! So my SO ended up watching most of it during his trip to Paris and when he came back I said okay to putting myself through it. Okay, so first impressions were very wrong, this show is HILARIOUS. Push through the first couple of episodes because it is so worth it. It’s like an essential life experience! It’s about the cursed family Joestar and the descendants dealing with supernatural forces like vampires and ultimate beings. The first part is about Jonathan Joestar, the second part is Joseph Joestar (the grandson of Jonathan), and then the third is Joseph’s grandson, Jotaro. My favourite is definitely Joseph though, he is soooo silly, it’s amazing. Look, there’s no point in saying much more about this anime – just watch it because it’ll change your life. Soon you’ll be making JoJo poses in your backyard and at the store and you’ll wish you had never watched it.


Last, but certainly not least, is the mammoth One Piece (ワンピース Wan Pīsu) I think so far we have caught up on over 500 episodes of this and YES IT IS WORTH IT.  It’s considered within the main block of Bleach and Naruto and if you had to choose one of the three I would go with One Piece. It’s supremely popular in Japan. Seriously, you can find merch wherever you are in Tokyo. And it’s about pirates with super powers who say very silly stupid stuff. Like asking a mermaid how she poops. Or Brook asking every woman if he may see their underpants. Captain Luffy is a rubberman, Zoro is an amazing swordsman, Sanji is a cook who fights with his legs, Nami is the navigator who loves treasure and weather weaponry, Usopp, he would say Captain Ussop, is the cowardly sniper, Chopper is a weird raccoon dog – no no, he’s a reindeer :P and he’s the doctor, Robin is the archaeologist  who can make extra arms, legs, any body part, appear and snap peoples necks AW YEAH, Frankie is a perversion of nature cyborg man who is the shipwright and engineer and finally Brook who is a skeleton and dead, and the musician. Anyway, just bloody watch it. There’s a hell of a lot, yes, but it’s worth it and man you’ll love these characters. Every single one is awesome and you end up caring about them immensely. What is also awesome is that they all have a chance to shine and equally power up and achieve their own goals, unlike Bleach for example, it isn’t all just about Luffy and him bailing every one out all the time. It’s fun and will make you wish you could sail the seas as a kick ass pirate, or even as a Marine of the World Government.

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