Munich: Part Two


Here’s the other half of my Munich photos! These include the tour we went on to see Ludwig II’s Linderhof and Neuschwanstein. I had never been in full snow before, only little bits, so the experience was pretty magical! I would like to go again in another season, perhaps Autumn.


I wish we had christmas markets like they do in Germany. :(


When freezing you can’t go wrong with chips and mayo!


Glukirsche! Like the wine version but much more potent with a hint of cherry.


After the first big snowfall stepping out of the hotel.


Here’s a bit more of a “normal” breakfast lol.

L1010757 L1010766 L1010804 L1010807 L1010811 L1010822

The entrance to Linderhof! No photos allowed in either buildings but it’s so worth it. Gorgeous!


The fairytale castle of my dreams filled with gothic loveliness!

L1010880 L1010883 L1010886L1010905

Well those are the highlights of my Munich photos! I will post more Germany photos in the future!

JessicaSignature Graphic


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