Skincare and Make Up Music


Sorry that I’ve been away for awhile! I moved house and started my last semester of uni at the same time. It’s a bit hectic and I still don’t have stable internet. I thought I’d just do an easy and fun post of songs that I think are great to listen to while you’re getting ready with make up or pampering yourself with skincare. I’ll say now that it’s all Asian pop… I do listen to other music, I really do, like metal covers of Swedish pop songs, but since I’ve been back from Japan I’m still on an Asian music kick. I’ve chosen one song each in Korean, Japanese and Cantonese so it’s a bit more wide spread. Enjoy and comment with any songs you’re loving right now!

Japan’s own Avril Lavigne, sort of. That’s what they say. This song is even kind of like Avril’s latest video that you all know about. I think this is a much better song and it’s just fun to dance around to in the bathroom especially if you’re using sweets themed Etude House items!

This song is really upbeat and it just gets me going! I think it’s perfect for when you’re doing make up before going out. I like when pop songs are a bit more interesting music wise and the use of traditional instruments with the synth hit that mark for me. I’m always hearing a different use of brass, or piano, or drums, here and there every time I listen to it.

Kpop is everywhere and since I shopped in person in Japan, Japanese music was pretty easy to get into. What I find hard to look for is the rest of East Asia! Lucky PopAsia on SBS2 in Australia has started branching out from their Kpop heavy playlist. That’s where I found this Taiwanese band. The song is super catchy and the video had me at that silly archer dance. Musically this is a much heavier electronic style than the former two but it’s just as enjoyable. You’ll soon be spinning around in your bathroom doing the dance while you wait for skincare layers to absorb, I swear. Or maybe that’s just me? :P

Well that’s three songs that I hope you enjoyed. I’ll try and get back to more writing and reviewing when I can.

JessicaSignature Graphic

Music Graphic Orange Caramel – Catellena


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