Recent Purchases and Extra Things!


Hello everyone! I apologise for taking so long between posts recently. University is going well but keeping me busy. Let’s not talk about Sims 4 either because it’s taking over my life at a bad time haha. I’m currently on a no-buy September and it’s going really well! The items I want to share today I had bought at the end of August and they arrived this month, so that made the start of my no-buy easier. ;) This is just some mini reviews and then some things about my bathroom set up and recent local buys! I found a Daiso/Japanese Beauty store in my city and it’s lovely! I will make a separate post about that store later but I thought I’d share a little of what I bought already.

IMG_1487 IMG_1510

I bought a few items from f2plus1 on ebay and I definitely recommend them! Things were nicely packed and included a couple of samples. I bought three items from Etude House’s Princess Happy Ending release: blush, lipstick and mascara. I had to because of my love for Disney! I also bought Mizon’s Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule to try out and, a purchase I’ve wanted to make since I found this stuff, TonyMoly’s Cats Wink compact!


The first item is the blush in Pink Rose. I love how the product is shaped like a rose! The effect is a light baby pink with shimmer. It’s very cute!

IMG_1479 IMG_1504

The Snail Ampoule comes in this small glass bottle that feels so fancy! I had read some reviews complaining the dropper was too short for the bottle but mine is a perfect length? Maybe there was a stuff up or I misread. Anyhow, I’ve been using it, mostly twice daily, for 2 weeks now and my redness and old acne is really starting to lighten! I think it’s definitely working and I enjoy having this step in my routine anyway. I’m really finding snail to be an awesome ingredient!


Etude House fulfilled my love for Disney and TonyMoly has fulfilled my love for kitties! This is the compact in Clear Skin (#1). It’s light enough for me, NW10, so that makes me really happy! A small padding over my chin, nose and forehead keeps the shine away for hours. Although, since I’ve been doing my skin routine almost all of my oiliness is gone! It’s wonders what hydration can do for the skin! Basically, I use this product as a setting powder over my BB cream or foundation and it works nicely. Plus the case is sooooo cute!


I wanted to get both of these Princess lipsticks but f2plus1 has the Snow White red listed for $99.99? Obviously an oversight but alas I will have to see if I can buy the other somewhere else next month. The Belle magenta is gorgeous though! It’s moist and glossy looking and the colour comes out really well. I quite like this lipstick!


The Jasmine Lash Perm Shockara is quite amazing for volume! Here I have it on and for the first time ever I have lower eyelashes! Seriously, no brush can put mascara on them tiny wisps but this one did it! I would definitely recommend using lengthening mascara with this though. As you can see my upper lashes are pretty stubby. Etude House’s Lash Perm Long is one of my HGs! So when I can order a new tube I will be pairing these together and hopefully the outcome is awesome!


Now for some randomness…


These are the items I bought at the store I mentioned earlier! I’m not sure of the name as it’s different on different things. Kawaii Always, Kawaii Fashion or just Kawaii. It’s in Adelaide on Gouger St. Half the store is a Daiso ($2.80 items for Australia) and the other a full on, awesomely stocked, Japanese beauty store! I had a bit of a heart attack when going through so I only managed to buy two items: sunscreen and hair dye. Next time I will go in prepared and try to take at least one photo to share of the inside! The Daiso side had so many cute organisation containers, I had to have all the pink ones!


And in my bathroom I have quite a lot of bench space, a huge contrast to what I had in our old place. The items here aren’t the same today though. I’m not using Perfect Whip at the moment and have added the Snail Ampoule but there you go. The brush container is similar to the Anna Sui one which I adore but obviously this version is much cheaper and pinker. I just loaded all my makeup into the big rectangular basket. Still not a great system but will make it easier to clean the bench. For my mascaras and pencils I’m using a cup from Disneyland Hotel in Tokyo! It’s plastic and came in the bathroom. :) The Little Twin Stars box is full of cotton squares for my toner, etc!


And on the other side of the sink! I wasn’t sure what to put in this long container but it’s perfect for sheet masks and I plopped in my handcreams for fun as well.


Here’s me in my usual sheet mask look! I’m getting used to looking silly or like a serial killer. I like these bathtowel turbans for keeping my hair out of the way so the essence doesn’t go everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed my post! I’ll be back with Sims 4, Kawaii Always store and maybe Guild Wars 2! Next month I should hopefully have some more reviews since my no-buy will be over but I’m enjoying using what I have right now anyway!

One last thing, we just booked and paid for a 2 week holiday in Tokyo over Christmas! Yes! So next year there will be more Tokyo posts and I’m so excited to go! The plan is to got to DisneySea for Christmas Day, that would be neat. :) I’m looking forward to seeing more areas that I hadn’t before. Like London, I think you could easily spend 2 months there and never see everything!

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