Let’s Talk Hair Stuff…


I’ve bought a couple of hair products lately and thought I’d talk about some of them! They were all bought from ebay user alphabeautyuk who I have ordered from a couple of times now. I probably won’t order so much in the future only because I have a local store that sells a lot of the same stuff. The shipping was always well priced and my items arrived quickly! Now onto the gear…

tumblr_inline_n0949yWDVY1qid2nwLiese Light Move Styling Gel for Mesh and Bob Styles & Fluffy Soft Wave Styling Gel for Semi-Long Hairtumblr_inline_n0949yWDVY1qid2nw

Both products claim style holding without heaviness, texturising and ingredients to care for heat damage.



This range comes in a range of 3 but I haven’t been able to buy the third yet, a volumising spray. These are marketed to be for different kind of hair but I’ve used both and I thought they both worked well. I’m growing my hair out right now so I’ve neither structured bob-style hair nor long curls, but I’ve made do and had good experiences!  Both products are milky like gels that have a pump for distributing the amount you want. I just pump a little into my hands and rub between my fingers to warm it up and make it easier to distribute.

The blue bottle for shorter hair I normally use to add texture and structure to my lengths. It’s really useful for styling my hair to go inwards at the ends, if that makes sense? Here’s a not so great photo of me after straightening and styling my hair with the Light Move Styling Gel…


In fact you can see the bottles behind me, hehe. Anyway, as you can on my ends my hair is a little more structured into a style despite not having a cut in months. I have soft, fine hair and haven’t found the product to be heavy or greasy, so that’s a plus! Here is an official video for the product and how to use it!

I’ve only used the Fluffy Soft Wave gel once when I had extreme bed hair and it seemed like a good opportunity. I’ve yet to test it out on heat-curled hair. BUT, my hair became a really nice texture, making it less heavy and smooth as it usually is. The effect was definitely a lighter, fluffier look. In the video for this product, you can see that you just rub it in your hands and scrunch into the curls to add texture.

I liked both of these and am looking forward to getting the last one in the range! They have a light fruity scent that disappears quickly. Neither are too heavy on the hair and I didn’t find it affected my second-day hair negatively.


tumblr_inline_n0949yWDVY1qid2nwPalty Night Hair Care in Water Misttumblr_inline_n0949yWDVY1qid2nw


How cute is this bottle?! I admit that’s what drew me in first. It’s supposed to be a hair treatment you put in before bed. It’s to help repair from heat damage and prevent bad bed-hair. It can be bought in a milk essence, a gel and a water mist. There may be another one but I can’t remember. I bought the mist because my hair can’t handle too many heavy products. First thing’s first, this stuff smells like turkish delight and that’s pretty amazing! I spray it on before bed just for that reason alone. I wish I could get the same scent to have in my hair all day to be honest. The next day I wake up with hair with nice texture and no dry ends. As an extra to your normal hair care routine I don’t think it does any harm. It has fought back bad bed-hair for me, so that’s a plus!


tumblr_inline_n0949yWDVY1qid2nwMandom Baby Veil in Fruity Berrytumblr_inline_n0949yWDVY1qid2nw


As you can see on the bottle, this is a hair fragrance. The bottle is like hairspray. From a 30cm distance you spray over your hair for long-lasting fragrance. There is supposed to be a little glossyness as well? I’m not sure about that, I didn’t really see it. I bought Fruity Berry but there are several smells to choose from including roses and linen (it seems like linen to me? lol). Basically it delivers what it promises and the smell lasts awhile. A few hours at least. I like to use this every now and then when my hair may not be washed or I don’t want to wear my perfume. This scent can be a little sickly so I’d advise a light spraying haha.

Well that’s it for a couple of hair products! Have you used these or are there others you like?


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