Etude House Global Website Event


Hello everyone! I’m finishing off the last weeks of my bachelor degree right now so everything is insane, but, Etude House opened a global shopping website and had events on for it which I had to get in to! You can get to the website from

Included in their events were free items for the first 1000 orders and I was lucky number 645!

So they came out with this Grand Opening event and I really love tote bags and stuff so of course I had to order something for it! I only did a small order since I wasn’t sure what I really wanted from their range so I stuck to things I knew and loved.

I ordered on the 1st of October at 9:30am. Seriously, as soon as I woke up! I had a no-buy all September so I really wanted to splash some cash haha! Thanks, Etude House. Perfect timing. I’m not sure when they shipped it, I don’t think they ever informed me but it arrived the 22nd of October. Honestly, that’s not too bad for the lowest shipping option. I got 2 items + 2 free times, 4 altogether, and shipping was US$8.47.

IMG_1715 IMG_1716

First, look how cute the box is! I like to think I’m a Princess every now and then. ;)

IMG_1717 IMG_1718

How the items were packed and then everything I got! Packaging was what you’d expect and everything arrived in perfect condition.


The tote bag with my hand for size reference. It’s big, it’s strong and heavy and it’s adorable! Looks like it was made for the Moistfull range’s 10th anniversary. I think this will be a really useful bag!


The free sample set that was part of the event. I’ve only used one of these products (Milky You, and didn’t like it) so I’m looking forward to trying the others!


I like Etude House’s little nail polishes so I got another set. I don’t have any mint or gold polishes so why not? Should be good for summer coming up!


I bought the same mascara back in January, but you know how these things need to be replaced. So, I bought a new one because I really love it! It definitely makes my lashes longer and more curled.

Well, that was the end of my order. I thought it was a fairly good service! Of course, the shipping price is not for everyone and there are some items you can get cheaper elsewhere, so I suggest doing some comparison shopping. I really like the free items so I’m happy with my purchase! Well, it’s back to uni work for me! Can’t wait to finish this thing…

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