Gearing up for Summer!


It’s basically summer where I live in Australia now. Luckily, my order of summer goods came in today! They were useful after my walk to the post office and back as well! :P I’ll just straight out say it: I hate summer. Sunshine makes me depressed and being hot makes me grumpy! But I do love flowers and looking at the beach from afar. Etude House brought out a bunch of fun summer products in June/July and since it’s finally getting sunny here I treated myself to some things. I bought my haul from f2plus1 on ebay which I’ve used a few times now and their service is excellent! I always get good samples which makes me happy. ;) Anyway, on with the items and proper review type stuff! :O Warning ahead for my unhappy face…


Here are the four items I bought, all from Etude House.

cherries I’ll just talk about the Ice Shot Mist now since there’s no other photos needed! It’s supposed to be a cooling and hydrating mist with Canadian Ice Water and ‘Magic Water Drop’, a component of water soluble vitamin for moisture and whitening. When your face is all hot and dry, spray the mist all over from 20-30cm distance. I tried this after I got back from my walk and it does have an instant cooling effect. I think that’s mostly because you’re spraying water on your face. The mist feels nice though and patting my skin after it felt more plump and hydrated. I thought overall, if you want one then try it out! It’s fun to use anyway. Plus, look how cute the bottle is! It’s very sturdy, heavy and matte. I can’t pinpoint the smell though, it’s clean like linen maybe but also a bit fruity. Who knows!

IMG_1747 IMG_1752

Another adorable item! This is the Eye’s Cream in Mint Cooling. It’s basically what the name suggests, it’s for moisturising, cooling and UV protection around the eyes. The english instructions just say below the eyes but the diagram on the side suggests putting it on all around your eye is fine. It’s more like a wax bar than a cream and you twist the tube to make it come out, like lipstick. It smells like… fresh tropical fruit, not mint at all! I love the smell actually. I found it is too waxy to rub on my eyes, leaving little bits of it stuck on my skin, so I pat it on instead. There is definitely an instant cooling effect that lasts around 6 seconds! Very refreshing and my eyes do feel hydrated. Keep in mind that eye creams are basically pointless, normal moisturiser works fine enough, but I bought it for cooling effects and it does deliver that! Would be good on a hot morning or just whenever you’re feeling run down!

IMG_1753 $_57

Ice Tint Balm in PP502. This is probably the only product I’ve ever bought that I plain don’t like! I would tell people not to bother purchasing it at all. It delivers on texture, instantly melting on the lips which feels interesting and it does cool the lips (weird, hey)! But it’s nothing like the company photos…


Case in point. No matter how much I applied it just looked like lipstick that had faded off and left a line. Not cool! Also it smells AMAZING, just like grape soda. But the taste, ugh, so bitter and disgusting. Why have you failed me so, Etude House?! :(

IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1757 IMG_1758

Everyone went crazy for BB cream cushions earlier in the year and I finally bit the bullet and bought one! I really like the packaging. It’s sturdy, like a heavier MAC blush container. I’m NW10 and this is Etude House’s Light Beige N02 and it works well for me I think. The point of using a cushion is basically convenience and achieving a sheer, light application. All the cream is soaked into the cushion and you just press on it with the pad and it seeps out! Pretty cool and less mess! Just have to make sure to clean the pad regularly. Etude House sells replacement cushions as well as packaging that can be swapped out.


Here you can see one side has the BB cream and the other does not. I just pat it on using the supplied pad until blended. As you can see from my poor poor face, the coverage is pretty excellent! Especially for such a light application. It really does cover the red on my face well. When you don’t want to be caked with foundation in summer or deal with puffs, brushes or fingers with your usual tube, the cushion is a great product to use! I will probably take this with me to Japan in December since it’ll be easier to pack.


The samples I received from f2plus1! I have so many Moistfull ones now, haha. I should probably try them out then! I’m really excited to try out the Sleeping Pack and Soft Clay Pack!!


Talking about samples, I tried out this one from my Etude House global site order. I read lots of praise for it on the Asianbeauty reddit. It has little bits for exfoliation in it and goes on pretty thick and creamy. After massaging, it took a long time to rinse off. When I was attempting to get it all off my face felt find of squeaky too. I got some in my eye as well and that stings like a motherfudger. >.o After drying off, my face kind of felt powdery… I don’t know if I really liked it. I probably won’t purchase a whole product. But that’s the fun of samples!

Well, I should get back to uni work! I got one essay finished and handed up. Only two more to go!


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