Treating Yourself When You’re Sick


Recently I fell sick and was home alone the whole time. When you’re grumpily lying in bed all day and emptying boxes of tissues it’s hard to really look after yourself. In this post are just some little ways that I treated myself between food, the odd shower and lots of Netflix.


Yes, my first treat is a bag of face wipes! I bought these ones at The Face Shop in Singapore. Chia Seed range is more for pores and sebum but you can also get others like Mango Seed for moisturising. When you’re sweaty and clammy these are great to clean your face, neck, arms, hands… wherever you feel all hot and gross for some instant relief. Not only does it clean off sweat between showers but also gives a nice cooling effect to relieve a little hotness!


Next are moisturising products! First I have the Ice Shot Mist from Etude House which gives a little moisturising effect but more importantly a pleasant cooling effect on your feverish face. Second are hand creams, the first I bought in Tokyo and smells like my mum’s clothes drawers when I was a kid so it’s kind of comforting and nostalgic, the second is the cute Castle from Etude House. Just the act of moisturising your hands can feel pampering and who doesn’t like nice smelling, soft hands? Next is my face moisturiser, HadoLabo Milk, which I slop onto my nose to aid against tissue burn. Last we have lip balm, this one is Tony Moly Peach, which is needed when you are inevitably turned into a mouth breather and your lips dry out.

sick_tea sick_water

Now that our face and body are all clean and moisturised, we need to keep up an intake of liquids for inside too. Here I have tea and lots of water. I know orange juice is usually recommended but I find it not so nice for my teeth and tastes funny after awhile. I’ve been making pots of chamomile tea at night to relax and get sleepy ready for bed. And during the day just as much water as I can, preferably 2L obviously. Today I put the Little Mermaid water bottle in the fridge so when I feel especially groggy I can drink some really nice cold water instead of just normal tap water.

Well, those are just some little tips that have helped me out these past couple of days. I’m sure we all have our own routines that we do to help feel better when sick. What are yours?

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