Review: Luxury Eyeshadow Quads (Shiseido and Chanel)

Last year my partner went to a conference and had a long layover in KLIA and he graciously did some make up shopping for me! Two of the items were luxury eyeshadow quads by Shiseido and Chanel. Here are just some photos and swatches for fun. I apologise that they’re a little dirty but they’ve just been sitting in my make up box for a bit.



As you can see, this is the Shisheido Luminizing Stain Eye Color Trio in VI308. The packaging is pretty slick and slim. It’s simple glossy black plastic with a bevel edge and small pattern in the corner.


It is a set of cool purple shades that have a satin finish, though I find the lightest colour to be fairly matte. It comes with an applicator sponge brush, thick and thin, and a normal brush.


The colours swept with a brush in one layer. Without blending this is fairly pigmented but once you blend they sort of disappear – which means, yes, they’re super blendible! But you’ll need to layer it on to regain the strong pigment. Either way, it’s creamy and has nice shades though I’m not sure I would actually use them together…

L1050522 L1050523 L1050524

I apologise for the supreme dirtiness of this quad! The Chanel quad is Les 4 Ombres in 41 Fascination. It comes in a velvet pouch and is a glossy black plastic container that is rather chunky.


The chunkiness can be attributed to the eyeshadows being baked half spheres. The colours are a periwinkle blue (to my eye) with a touch of green glimmer, cold grey-white, a shimmery slate grey with touches of green and a dark teal green with a touch of blue. The quad comes with two eyeshadow sponge applicators though they are a bit softer and higher quality than others I’ve used. I think you can see their fluffiness in this photo.


The shadows are creamy and glide on like a dream. The darker colours are better though, in my opinion. I think it is evident from this swatch. The light blue and dark grey go on rather sheer though and would need to be packed on better. Again, these are easy to blend! The darkest green colour is definitely my favourite!

Overall, I do love both palettes and really need to incorporate them more into my make up! I would say, as my first experience with either Shiseido or Chanel that the eyeshadows are of high quality and if I could splurge again I may well do so. Do you have any one-of-a-kind luxury items in your collection? Do you think they were worth the money? The only other item I’ve owned from a top brand was a Dior mascara and yes yes yes it was worth it!

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