In mid-February I visited Singapore for 5 nights to visit my partner who is living there for 3 months to do a research project. We stayed at a hotel in Novena on the 25th floor! I had a great time shopping and eating! Although I guess I was a bit bad and only went to malls. We both want to return though and I will see more then. This trip was more about spending time with my man. Anyway, onwards to the photos!

L1050424 L1050427 L1050429 L1050430 L1050436 L1050445 L1050438 L1050440 L1050444 10245944_1537564319841890_166002072_n 10903514_450711851750483_866360320_n 10919134_1398200287153863_1386657133_n 10954645_1541607269437773_261190570_n 10957310_342272875961411_866174576_n 10957393_341351129405525_1026231659_n 10958387_437658829723667_65168128_n 11005105_1594865800729581_983479684_n 11005029_1616802418550031_900221192_n 10986408_959174844095296_1384379514_n 11007866_730285073735894_1564992737_n 11008032_1681731565387216_1059143533_n

I hope you enjoyed my little photo journey through food and CNY decorations! ;)

JessicaSignature Graphic


2 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. Allison says:

    Looks like you had fun! You should totally come back again and visit the hawker centres. The food is waaaay more amazing than in the food courts and restaurants you find in malls!


    • kittenishgirl says:

      I definitely plan to go back and do some actual wandering about, and get to the hawker centres! I think I only had 5 nights and just wanted to see my partner the most so we didn’t do much hehe. Lucky I travel through Changi to go to Europe anyway so next time I go across I will do a few days layover lol.


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