February Favourite Things! (2015)


Here are my favourites for last month, February!


Innisfree nail polish. The colour is just so rich and bright. I’ve always wanted a creamy blue without weird shimmer in it. It only takes 2 layers to get full opacity and there is no streakiness. Layering the blue holographic glitter over the top made me think of the ocean. It was perfect for our summery February. I think the glitter could be layered over lighter cool colours to look ethereal or like shimmering pools! I highly recommend Innisfree nail polishes! They are also not hard to remove either which is great!


I finally read my copy of A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs and it was excellent! I love the movie and because of this I read and imagined the whole thing like that and in Taylor Kitsch’s voice haha. If you love Sci-Fi that’s a little more historical and pretty easy to read with fascinating descriptions of the ancient planet then this book is for you! Plus there’s 10 more after this!


Peach Green Tea with Pearls from Gong Cha. I usually get Lychee Milk Tea from Chatime but I tried out Gong Cha in Singapore and it’s in my home town too. It’s actually the closest bubble tea place from university so I thought I should give it a go. Peach is just nom nom and the green tea wasn’t as strong as I was expecting! I actually think it’s tastier than the Lychee Milk and obviously it’s more healthy for you.


Play Color 2 pens from Tombow. I bought these in December in Tokyo but only really started using them in February. My god, they are so cool! They have a thick end and a thin end and just look at the colours! They match the marker packaging. They’re super nice to write in and look especially great in my diary.

And an extra for this month, here are my empties:


I finished Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ and Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule. I liked them both fair enough but I wouldn’t rave about them to be honest. The Snail Ampoule has become really hard to buy all of a sudden so I’m trying out a different product for now and maybe I won’t repurchase at all. The sunscreen was a liquid type and I think it worked alright but I’m trying out a new one I bought in Tokyo!

Well, that wraps up my favourites for last month. What were some of yours?

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