What’s in My Bag?


You see this on Youtube all the time and well, I don’t really want to start vlogging, so I thought I’d make a blog post of What’s in My Bag! Here’s my bag… it’s from Colette by Colette Hayman. I like it because it holds my uni books and the straps are long enough to go over my shoulder which I prefer. The chain is supposed to be a strap too but I find it’s a little annoying but it looks cool!


Here’s the little figure I attached as a good luck charm while doing my Honours year at university, little Ami from Sailor Moon! She’s smart and all about studying so she’s the perfect spirit… woman. I got this in a gacha machine in Tokyo.


Alright, here is the entire contents of my bag laid out for you! Minus tampons and pads lol. Always gotta have a bottle of water in the bag first, that’s for sure. Especially during this Australian summer and still hot autumn. I don’t have an individual photo of my cat head either but that’s hard plastic and it is actually a pass holder, so in the back there is a pocket with my metrocard in it. Makes finding my card before getting on the bus really easy! Plus look at his little cat tongue, eee! Looking at this I can see a cat theme forming lol.


The only actual beauty related items in there and I know that’s a bit sad compared to other ladies’ bags but oh well haha. I have a mirror from Swimmer that can slide upwards for a quick check or can be taken out and become a standing mirror for bigger things. I have my new NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake (the photo colour is WAY off) which I’m really loving right now! It’s like MLBB! Plus two hair ties when my hair inevitably becomes sweaty and gross and I need to tie it up.


My house keys with my Disney Stitch pressed coin from the first time I went to Tokyo Disneyland in 2011! Plus the Catwoman keyring from Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast. Yay theme parks! Then my phone which has been replaced now by an iPhone 6. I used to have an android but I switched back ONLY because of iTunes and how I like my music organised. Plus a Sailor Moon battery phone charger I got in Harajuku just in case my phone runs out of juice while out and about.


This is my more medical type stuff. First I have these wet wipes to wipe away sweat that are Love Live! themed from Akihabara! They clean away sweat and make my skin feel all cool for relief in this stupid dry heat. Next some painkillers which are just random ones that were bought in Singapore. Bandaids of course! Plus pocket tissues that I got from Daiso.


Next is my uni stuff. My diary from Kikki.K, a notebook that changes depending on the class I have that day, my reading pack for my main course this semester which is HUGE! Plus 2 pens and a marker (for writing in my diary all pretty!)


And this is my little purse. It’s also from Swimmer, like the mirror. It just has my money, bank card, uni student card, proof of age card (because I’m lame and can’t drive), plus other cards like Medicare, private insurance, Flybuys and loyalty cards. I like that it doesn’t have a clear pouch because I don’t want to see my face on my cards. My proof of age is when I was 18 and my student ID looks like I just escaped Soviet Russia. So there you go. ;)

Well, that was what is in my bag right now! Do you have loads of stuff in your bag too? Maybe weirder stuff than I do? I know someone who had toothbrushes and forks in hers once.

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