Review: Luxola & Sleek Palette Garden of Eden


So I saw this shop advertised on an Australian beauty guru’s youtube and she had a 25% off code so I thought I’d give it ago! It’s called Luxola and it is situated in Singapore, for some reason I thought it was Australian but oh well. They sell some Asian things like 3CE and also the ever-talked about Sleek and Zoeva. I bought a 3CE concealer, Sleek eye shadow palette in Garden of Eden and a single Zoeva brush. I have other Zoeva brushes from Beauty Bay in the mail right now so I won’t talk about the brush here, it’ll get put into the big brush post. ;) Anyway, above you can see how they sent the items in a padded envelope.


Everything was wrapped in bubble wrap. The only thing I actually didn’t like about Luxola was that everything is shipped with a courier called Amarex. In Australia they hand things over to Toll. I dislike couriers in general because I think they’re slower than normal Australia Post and if I’m not home I have to call and arrange a time for re-delivery or go to their facility at the airport. So much drama! It’s just frustrating and if I miss a normal post package at least I can walk down the street for 4 minutes and pick it up in person. Much more simple. Oh wellll! Anyway, as you can see from the above photo the Zoeva brushes in singles come in their own zipper bag and everything. Very nice!


I got to choose 2 samples from about 6 they had. I chose the Dr.Jart+ since it’s Asian and I was curious. This other one is a body scrub I believe.


Here’s the Sleek palette box and the actual palette. It’s pretty nice for the price (I think AUS$20) and the palette is about the size of an iPhone 6, haha! I like a smaller size since it’s easier to carry around or have on my make up area.

L1050550 L1050551 L1050553

The names come in a separate plastic sheet but that can be easily stuck onto the mirror to keep track of what they’re called. As you can see, Garden of Eden is a natural earthy brown and green palette. I think green brings out my eye colour really well so I was excited by this! You get 2 dark mattes, 2 medium semi-mattes (they kind of have glitter but are mainly matte on the skin) and a bunch of shimmery shades. The greens kill me, they really do, I love them! I also like how you get 2 tones of green basically, warm and cool. They needed a couple of swipes to build up the pigment so they’re not excellent in that regard, but will make building up colour and not going overboard much easier. I think they’re pretty blendable too. I would recommend using an eye primer though anyway, just for the extra stickiness and longevity. It comes with an eye shadow sponge stick but we all know those are silly but I used it to make the swatches for you.


Here’s the 3CE Waterful Concealer in the lightest shade #001. I’m not tooo sure about this product yet. It’s maybe too yellow and maybe too watery (I know..)? I will have to use it a little more at this point. But I can say that the bottle itself is adorable! Look at it! So short but chubby. Aww!

Would I recommend Luxola? Yes I would. They have some interesting things, constant voucher codes too. Over $40 you get free shipping to Australia. This lot cost me $54 which isn’t too bad. Though, for Zoeva brushes I would probably recommend buying them from Beauty Bay instead since they have a wider range in stock. That post will be done soonish!

Have you used Luxola before? What do you think of Sleek palettes? What about 3CE… maybe I should try something else by them?
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