Adelaide Hello Kitty Cafe


A couple of months ago the Hello Kitty Cafe opened in my city, Adelaide. I believe it is official and comes from Hong Kong originally. This is the first one they’ve opened in Australia! Why they chose my city instead of Sydney or Melbourne, who knows, but I’m happy they did! It’s located in Chinatown on the main stretch and is decorated inside and out in full Hello Kitty glory! It’s open 7 days, I believe, and has many drinks (coffee, tea) and desserts to choose from! As well as some sandwiches and wraps for something savoury. They also have a special cake service for birthdays, weddings, etc.

Here’s the entrance. As you can tell they really went all out! It’s also more subdued than the all-pink ones you usually find, obviously going for a more casual cafe style.


Inside are lots of comfy chairs and tables. All the chairs here are glittery! They have lots of Hello Kitty decorations and mugs and things to make it really cute but also somewhere quiet and comfortable to enjoy a dessert and conversation.


My first visit I tried a drink called “hossy flossy coconut iced chocolate”. It arrived like this with a big burst of fairy floss on top! It was ordinary fairy floss and coconut cream (I believe) on top of velvety chocolate milk.

IMG_0037 IMG_0038

Since I’m kind of obsessed with creme brûlée I ordered their vanilla one. I love when they are made like this in a shallow wide dish so every bite has some sugar with it. It also came with vanilla bean ice cream and a biscuit. The brûlée itself was very rich custard, creamy and delicious!


On my second visit, my friend and I both got chocolate caramel sundaes! It came with brownies, fruit, chocolate ice cream, salted caramel ice cream, shortbread, mousse and a chocolate tulle! It was so decadent and yummy! The salted caramel ice cream tasted perfect and I like the addition of a couple different fruits to add variety.

Can I just say that it’s pretty obvious I’m going back! There’s quite a few cakes and drinks I’d love to try out! Can’t wait for when I can have a splurge again. If you ever find yourself in Adelaide, Australia, then I definitely recommend trying this place out!

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