Review: Bellabox (March)


So a couple of my Australian friends and a few youtubers I watch like to get monthly beauty boxes and one of them is Bellabox.  Since it’s Australian all the subsequent prices are in Australian dollars. It’s $15 a month, although they are now adding extra for shipping due to costs which is a bit irksome, but I found a Facebook promotion for $5 off. Since I could get this first box for $10 I thought I might as well try it out! To be honest, after they announced the price increase and reading a few more reviews I decided to cancel my subscription and just enjoy the fun with this one box. After opening the box, I’m kind of glad I’ve decided not to keep getting it. Anyway… onto the photos and why I won’t be purchasing again.

Here’s what the main box looks like outside of the shipping packaging. I can see why people keep these boxes, they are very cute! It will be good to put jewellery in on my dresser since I’m still not organised there. It’s small and about the size of three iPhone 6’s across. I don’t have anything else to measure it by haha.


Opening it up and it’s nicely packed with tissue paper and a sticker which makes it feel a little more luxurious!


Taking the cards off the top and this is how it’s packed. Everything but the nail polish bottle, which is a thick strong glass anyway, is plastic so it’s not too bad.


The cards include an information card, a $6 coupon for Essie nail polishes at Priceline and a Stabilo competition run by Bellabox. Erm, I don’t really understand their partnership with a stationary company but whatever. The money off a nail polish is really awesome though it does expire at the end of this month so I only have 10 days to use it!


Everything out of the box. I got a black eyeliner pencil by Colour Theory, it’s German made and usually retails for $4. I have some black pencils already but another one can’t hurt. Then I got two deluxe samples of body lotion from Aveeno and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. I have to say that these items are both pretty boring. I have read from numerous people that you almost always get these kinds of products from these same companies. Oh well. Then we have an Essie nail polish which is worth $16.95 (so there’s the value of the box and more made up for already) and it is a cute light mint/aqua colour that I would use so that is nice! I also got sample sachets of a Revlon foundation that’s too dark and a salon product Kérastase thermal protecting cream. Seriously, why do they bother putting only one foundation sample in? If they gave like 3 sachets with the lightest, middle and darkest shades in it, more people could properly try it out. Otherwise it’s useless. The hair product is nice though, I do already use another of their Thermique products so trying out another one would be nice. But the downside to me is it is a salon only product, unless you buy it from and it’s still $30 or more for a full size.


The last item kind of confused me. I thought it may be some cool novelty lip product or something. No, it’s just a highlighter. Yep. I don’t want a highlighter in my BEAUTY box.

So after looking at the products, there is really only one that was worth it, the nail polish, but for close to the price of the box I can buy the nail polish myself AND pick the colour I already want at the same time. Also the fact that the box is going up to $17.95, I believe, which means any more Essie products included in the future, they seem to put them in a lot, won’t cover the price of the box. Plus, sample sachets I consider to be free since companies technically can’t sell them anyway so they do not contribute to the cost of the box. I think you can see why I’m not going to repurchase and continue the subscription. Maybe monthly boxes are just not for me since they never seem worth it, in my opinion. What about you? Are there any beauty boxes that you like?

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