Berlin (2012 / 2013)


I went to Berlin for Christmas and NYE in 2012/2013. Here are 10 select photos from the trip. The day we arrived it snowed a little, although it didn’t for the rest of the time, I got a great shot of Berlin Cathedral! The snow was sharp and hurty though, ouch haha.


When I’m in Berlin I spend most of the time in galleries and museums. They are excellent!


So many beautiful buildings! We liked getting iced lattes from Einstein Kaffe and watching their confused faces. Iced lattes in winter?! Yes please!



Christmas Day at Potsdamer Platz. We saw The Hobbit at the cinema there and when we emerged at night this was our view!


Travelling around Germany in December you kind of get tired of Christmas Markets after awhile? Haha. Love them though!

L1030490 L1030562

Charlottenburg! I do love me some German palaces. It is worth every Euro to buy the photo pass so you can take some on the inside.


We lived off sausages and beer because why not. Delicious!!


JessicaSignature Graphic


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