Review: Etude House Princess Happy Ending Snow White BB Cream


One of my purchases in Singapore, the Princess Happy Ending version of Etude House’s Precious Mineral BB Cream in Blooming Fit N02. It contains pearl extracts for brightening, bamboo extract for skin care and a slim fit formula to be comfortable for all day wear. It is also SPF30 and PA++ which is a nice plus. I was mostly won over by the packaging but also because I liked the BB cushion that Etude House sell. Continue on to see a review of this item and a comparison with my other BB Cream, Missha Perfect Cover in #13.

Like the other Disney items in this collection, the packaging was an adorable storybook theme with pictures referencing Snow White.


The tube itself continues the theme and it’s just so pretty! I’m just happy to see it in my collection to be honest. It’s so pretty and I am a huge Disney fan!


The end of the tube comes with a pump for easy dispensing. The pump also has a lid, so don’t worry about that lol.


As you can see from a pump onto my hand, the cream is actually more of a liquid. It’s very runny.


That amount covered my whole hand pretty easily lol. It doesn’t take very long to spread with fingers since it’s so runny. Also because of this texture it doesn’t go on too heavily and you don’t need as much to cover a whole area.

L1050509 L1050509_2

You can see here on a hand with and without how it covers my blue veins, pinkness and freckles. Although I prefer to keep the freckles showing.

I think when I apply to my face it looks a lot better than on my hand pictured. The key is the application, so I use a beauty blender sponge that’s been dampened rather than with my fingers as pictured above. The look is a lot less cakey and the glow of the BB cream comes through. I do find that since it’s so liquidy you have to use at least 2 pumps to get full coverage.


Now let’s compare with my other BB cream, Missha’s Perfect Cover in No.13 which is their lightest shade. They have similar designs with a pump on the bottom, though Missha’s is a pretty gold. I think Etude Houses’s design would have been perfect if their pump was red or silver. Though I suppose it can be black for her hair? ;)


Here you can see the texture difference them. Missha’s is much more of a thick cream. The colour is also less yellow and a bit lighter.


Though when both buffed in there isn’t much a difference. Though I think the Missha is more noticeably settling into the lines in my hands, can you see it? I think it’s because the texture of the Missha Perfect Cover is thicker.

Overall, I do like both of these BB creams but I’m enjoying using the Etude House one right now, especially in this heat and sun that we are having in my city.

The only thing I would recommend if going with this BB cream is to use a light layer of face powder over the top since it never seems to completely dry which is great for a dewy finish but can be a little annoying if you touch your face. Powder fixes it perfectly though.

JessicaSignature Graphic


7 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Princess Happy Ending Snow White BB Cream

  1. Lauren says:

    Ah, the packaging is so adorable! I’ve been using the Missha Perfect cover at the moment in #23 but I’ve been so diligent with my sunscreen this summer that It’s far too dark for me. I was considering getting the #13 but maybe I should check out one of Etude’s BB Creams, so happy their global store opened!

    Also Hi! I’m also in Adelaide :D Awesome to see more bloggers, especially those that love AB!


    • kittenishgirl says:

      Definitely check out Etude House. Apparently they’re all good except for Cotton Fit, so stay away from that one lol. And if you’re interested in cushions their Any cushion is awesome!

      Yay fellow Adelaide person! I’ve seen some in other cities but not here so hooray! ^_^


      • lauzconnolly says:

        Oh yeah, I’ve read some posts that really were not favorable for the cotton fit! I’ve never tried a cushion product before but I’m super intrigued, they seem so cool! I found your blog through /r/asianbeauty and I know they’re pretty in love with them over there! I really loved the post where someone made their own blush using a cushion (so cool!)

        If only we had more AB here in Adelaide! I like that they have a little Tony Moly section in Morning Glory now although the past few times I’ve been, the stock hasn’t been too great :(


    • kittenishgirl says:

      Cushions are so worth checking out I swear. I use it for every day when I don’t want much coverage. Although the smell of Etude House one annoys me a little. It’s a no smell but the chemical-y smell of the cream is a bit meh. :(

      The Morning Glory section is good but you should check out Kawaii Fashion on Gouger St (it’s on the south side of the street closer to Victoria Square, just walk that way from Chinatown and you’ll find it) It’s filled to the brim with Japanese make up and skin care! Plus a wall of eyelashes and circle lenses. (They are on Facebook too)

      Kawaii $2.80’s new store on King William just past Breadtop also has a range of no-brand/Daiso type make up goodies too.

      I’ve been adventuring to find stuff, yeah lol.


      • lauzconnolly says:

        Oh yes! I forgot all about Kawaii fashion! I kinda wish we had Daiso here though, the new $2.80 store on King William means it’s unlikely to happen :( I recently visited the Daiso in Melbourne and found really amazing lashes and other products that they don’t stock in the $2.80 stores here (There’s still some good finds but nothing like Hyaluronic acid sleeping masks ._.). I sometimes like to have a peek to see if they’ve got any false lashes on sale there (I picked up some packs of diamond lash for just $5!)

        It’s a shame The Face Shop in City Cross closed down, I regret not visiting them more :(


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