Living Alone for 3 Months


Since January 10th my partner has been in Singapore doing a research internship. I couldn’t be more proud of and happy for him! He’s coming back this Sunday and I’m really excited. The only thing is we live by ourselves in a townhouse which meant spending the last 3 months alone for me. The first two months were during my summer holiday and the last month I’ve been back at university.

So that meant for the first 2 months I was home alone with nothing to do. The first couple of days weren’t so bad since I stayed over at my Dad’s house to go to my friend’s baby shower the next day. I had company for that time. Then I went home to a empty house. Yeah, I’m 26 and I’ve never lived alone or even with room mates before. Just with my parents or my partner. I have to say the first week or so was really hard. I couldn’t help but cry a lot. It was just weird reading news and stuff and not being able to just turn to him and talk about it. Also, if you’re going to go through this, seriously don’t listen to sad songs. It won’t help. I became obsessed with The Last Goodbye from The Hobbit soundtrack and it was just a bad idea haha.


So I was in the empty house with no car and no license. First thing was first, getting food! My partner always joked that I would probably starve to death without him lol. I do live 5-6 minutes from a shopping centre so little things were easy but getting lots of fruits, vegetables, milk, etc home was hard. My poor noodle arms were not up to the task! So I got home delivery from Coles and Banana Blue. Achievement unlocked: I never starved! Although I did keep forgetting to buy chocolate which was especially horrible late at night! Also, Menulog kept me going every now and then we all sorts of delivery food at my fingertips: Indian, Pizza, Chinese, Australian. I had my pick and I had my fill!


The next thing to deal with was the deafening silence and lack of social interaction. This was remedied with Netflix and Youtube. I started and finished Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, The Mindy Project, to name a couple. Yes, I watched a loottt of TV. Although sometimes it was just on in the background while I played mobile games, cleaned or cooked. Just having the voices going on in the house was nice. Then I got addicted to Youtube, really only beauty gurus on there. I learnt and it felt like I was interacting with someone at the same time!


Of course, I did go a little insane. Who wouldn’t?! There were dark times when I hadn’t said a word the entire day. Once, I was watching Friday Night Lights on my laptop, in the dark, and it was a close up shot of Taylor Kitsch’s face and I was giggling while poking the screen: “Heehee look at his tiny nose!” Another time the only thing I had said all day was a “Hello!” to the fridge. Or the blood curdling scream I let out when I uncovered a huge black spider in the bathroom. Dark times indeed.


Of course, the easiest remedy was to get out of the house and see some friends which I did do on occasion. I guess I’m not much of a socialite but I did get on the bus to town and do stuff. This included lunches (mostly chocolate fuelled ones), outdoor exhibitions, shopping, treating myself to a haircut and meetings.


Probably the best way I got through the months was by doing university work. If you’ve read all my posts you will know I started Honours this year so I was meeting up with my supervisor every now and then and had gotten an early start on my research. Reading and writing and brainstorming and reading and writing and brainstorming. It certainly makes the days disappear and keep that stupid-head you love off your mind.


The most important thing that got me through the months was LINE. This wonderful application on phones and laptops which meant I could chat with my partner any time we both had internet! It comes with all these crazy stickers too that are super entertaining plus a built in phone call and video call service that is all free. I’ve been constantly asked if I have talked to my partner recently and how I’ve been coping. Well, the answer is I talk to him every day and it makes it 99% easier to cope while he’s away. It’s not the same as being in person but it’s pretty damn close.

It always seems like when people ask me how it’s going they are expecting me to fall apart in their arms or something. To be honest, I’ve been fine. I’ve been busy. I’ve still been happy despite crying at the airport and sometimes at night when a sad song comes on. There have been small inconveniences and annoyances when I can’t go somewhere or talk properly about something over text chat. But overall I’ve been good, or pretty much the same as usual. Does that sound bad, like my partner means nothing to me? Hmm, I don’t think so. He is still my whole world but everyone should be able to be independent. I’ve learnt a lot about being alone and I think it’ll only make home life better when my partner gets back. Probably mostly the fact that I’m much better at cleaning now. ;)

I’m glad that he was able to have such a wonderful opportunity for his career and I’m glad I was able to get through it with most, a little, of my sanity intact.

Have you dealt with the same stuff? Your partner has gone away or you’re in a long distance relationship? Or maybe just living alone because you can? Did you also go a little nutty like I have? XD
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