Review: Dorothy Perkins (Online Order)

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Dorothy Perkins is probably my favourite clothes store at the moment and yet it’s really hard for me to get. I got hooked on them when I bought some jeggings in a store in London last year. Of course, we don’t have them in Australia at all. I’ve watched their website for awhile but never really get the motivation to order anything, the $ to £ not being that excellent, nor has it ever been really. But I found a store selling their clothes in Singapore and the items I bought made me remember just how much I love this brand! They recently had a 25% off sale so I purchased a couple of things for the coming winter. Why do I like Dorothy Perkins?

1. Their clothes go all the way to a size 22 (UK and AU)! This is a must for me as I will “admit” I am plus size. My top is 18, my bottom is 20 (sometimes 22 for comfort). I’m cool with my body and size so whatever. I just want to be able to buy nice things for my size, dudes!

2. Their clothes are cute and stylish but still fit into an older look. I’m turning 27 this year and I’m still drawn to young clothes but would like to look a bit more polished so a lot of DP pieces sit in the middle for me.

3. I would say the prices are pretty fair, but especially so when something’s on sale. I didn’t end up buying it but in the sale section I’ve seen fabulous midi-skirts for £5!

Anyway, onto the order itself. This post is a bit photo heavy so if you’d like a bigger version of a photo I believe clicking on it will open it in full? Just in case you want to see more detail.

L1050612 L1050613

I ordered on the 15th of March. I’m not sure I did get any notification of shipping. But the bag of clothes arrived at my house on the 26th of March. I do find in general that mail from the UK is fairly fast, despite that one ebay order I did that took 3 months, oy! Sorry about the photo, I already cut the top off the bag before I realised what I had done, hehe. It came in a big sturdy bag and inside each item was wrapped in plastic. The fluffy jumper had 6 pieces of tissue paper over and within it to keep it protected which was a nice touch.

L1050614 L1050616

The first top I bought: “Crochet Collar Jersey Knit” in size 20. Why 20? I didn’t want it to be too tight just in case. I do think the 18 would have worked too but I still like it. The photo on the website was a darker navy but I like it more in person. It has touches of purple to it. The knit itself is rather thin and does drape to the body a little. The torso section is a little baggy. But I prefer layering in winter so wearing a nice cami and t-shirt bra underneath should aid in those problems. The sleeves hit just below my elbows. The collar is loose, so the ends can flap around, and attached to the front. It is real crochet and rather soft which I like! I think you’d have to be careful when folding and washing it so the collar doesn’t bend out of shape. The whole thing is really soft and comfortable.

L1050617 L1050618

This jumper was in the sale section: “Lilac Fluffy Jumper”. It was £10. I also bought this in a 20 since the reviews on the website mentioned it was a little short. I thought going up a size may help me avoid that when going over my belly. Like the knit top, it is made of thin material. Once again, it’s great for layering! It’s fluffy inside and out and is mostly polyester, which I don’t mind. It’s very warm for that reason, despite being thin. It sheds a little so if you wear dark clothes with it you’ll want a lint roller.

L1050619 L1050620

And my final item, “Black Knee Shorts”. I don’t know why they’re called knee shorts when they’re shorter than that lol. I got these in a size 22 because I have the jeggings in 20 and, generally, when I buy shorts, my normal size can be a little squishy on my thighs. It’s just the nature of my body. These are made with jeans material and they’re not stretchy but not really thick like a lot of jeans, it’s nicely in the middle. It does smell a little chemical-y and warns that ink transfer could occur so I may try soaking these in vinegar and then washing to prevent it. I bought them because I’ve wanted a pair of plain, simple looking black shorts for so many years that weren’t weird material or super high waist with lots of buttons – both things that are super popular in plus size shorts for some puzzling reason. And these are perfect!

L1050624 L1050625

Here I have them on. See how they are a bit more loose around my thighs? They’re also not too short despite my being 5’9″. You can see where the band starts so they’re not too high waisted either. The only problem with going to size 22 is that I’ll need a belt to make sure they don’t fall down haha. That’s okay with me though. Overall, I give the shorts 10/10! I’m so happy I found them!

L1050628 L1050630

Can you see the thin bagginess? I was wearing a lace bra and no cami in this so the way it looks is not very flattering here but with better undergarments I think it will look great! I give this an 8/10.


Fluffy jumper! I think going up a size was a good decision. The length is reasonable and the sleeves cover my wrists. It’s very easy to slip on and not tight at the neck. As said above, it’s pretty warm too. Was it the early 2000s that this was popular? I remember being younger and wanting something like this. IT’S SO FLUFFY! I give it 9/10!

Dorothy Perkins’s website has free shipping over £30 and my order was £34.95 (with £8.23 saved!) so I didn’t pay for shipping. It arrived within 10 days and I basically loved all three items I bought so I’m really pleased! I think when I have $60-$70 lying around for clothes I may just buy from DP over ASOS or Target in the future.

Do you shop at Dorothy Perkins? What do you think of their style and items?

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3 thoughts on “Review: Dorothy Perkins (Online Order)

      • kittenishgirl says:

        I’m not sure. I assume yes? There is a Dorothy Perkins store in Singapore. Search says Great World City, I can’t remember if that was the mall I went to when I actually did purchase some in person (so many malls in Singapore!) Sorry I couldn’t be more useful!


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