Clip-On Earrings (Japan Edition)


Here’s a random fact about me: I’ve had my ears pierced 3-4 times, in the same place on the earlobe, and yet I could never keep them going. Either I would take them out and they’d heal. Or they would never heal and be painful all the time. The latter being the most recent experience. So, I’ve given up. I’ve thrown in the towel. But that doesn’t mean I should need to live without earrings, right? That’s where my obsession with clip-ons begins. Now I don’t know about where you live but in Australia it’s almost impossible to buy clip-ons that aren’t made for little girls to play with. Surely I’m not the only woman alone in this?!

On my past trip to Tokyo I finally went through the earrings section in stores properly and I found them, the clip-on earrings! I believe they are popular in Japan because some girls can’t pierce their ears while in school? They come in young and more mature designs though so maybe it’s just not as rigid there, like here where, “every woman pierces their ears or doesn’t wear earrings, end of.” So, I went on a spending spree and thought I’d make a little post about some cool ones I got and where I got them! I’ve titled this with Japan Edition because maybe I can find others when I travel? I suppose I can do a better look around my city for Australia Edition but it will be depressing lol. Anyway, on with the earrings!


I’m still in the middle of organising them and need to buy another separated container like the first image. When I search for organising ideas I always just get pierced earrings images so I took the initiative and put mine in crafts boxes that are transparent! The earrings are no longer all jumbled up together and I can choose what to use with the box lid still closed.


This pair is by Gargle. Their website is not very useful, though if you go to Japan you can find some stockists on there. I bought these in a store, I can’t remember the name, but it was on the street of the Harajuku train station, on the opposite side, between Takeshita dori and Omotesando. I also bought a pair from them that looks like pink gummi bears, but I thought these were very unique! Little popcorns with beads added to make them more decorative. They’re super light and varnished so I’m actually wondering if they’re real? I know Japan has amazing fake food though so it can still be that instead.


I was kind of sad I can’t really have tiny studs anymore until I stumbled across this jewellery store next to Spinns on Takeshita dori (both are upstairs in the Cute Cube). I think they were actually called Osewaya. They had a wall of little clear clip-ons that were so delicate and cute! Here you can see the pair of black kitties I bought plus one of the sparkly planet pair. They had Sailor Moon themed ones, jewels, stars, flowers. Lots of things! The only downside is that they’re fairly expensive for what they are but they are also good quality so maybe it evens out?


My favourite store, Me%! You’ll find this store in a few locations such as Lumine Est in Shinjuku train station and La Foret in Harajuku. Most of their normal earrings come in a clip-on version and they’re just so classy and feminine. These are really for special events and dinners.


A couple of the earrings I bought at Wego, they’re found really everywhere: Diver City, Harajuku (Takeshita dori and just off Omotesando) and other places. They’re a pretty standard fashion store with all the latest trends, I bought some cheap ugg boots here! Anyway, they had all the fluffy earrings I had been dying for as well as cherries, big sparkly ones, plastic roses, etc. If there’s a new trend in Harajuku, Wego will have it.


Claire’s! I know this is a British brand but they opened in Japan, and I bought these specifically from the Takeshita dori store. I’m curious actually, any UK people know if they sell clip-ons in the homeland too? I just bought a couple little ones including this adorable present ribbon pair and stud-like silver stars. They have a more standard clip rather than the screw like ones.


Finally we have Spinns! They are probably my second favourite, after Me%. They just have all sorts and sales too. These are some of the cute ones I got but they also sell “darker gothy” designs too. Spinns is in a couple of locations but I really just shopped at the Takeshita dori one because the earrings are in the section that has a disco light up floor!


Just for extra fun, here’s some random ones that I love. The burger and lolly are actually from Spinns too… but the Daisy Duck pair is from DisneySea although they were the only clip-ons I could find in the whole park. Disneyland or Store may have a better selection though. The little egg I bought from Shibuya 109, at Punyus, Naomi Watanabe’s store for plus-size women! They had french fries too but only in pierced. Lucky I found the burger, whose partner is a packet of french fries, in Spinns later.

Well, there’s some of my clip-on earring collection. I hope if you’re in the market for some and are going to Tokyo then this post will help you with your shopping endeavours. Even if you can wear pierced types I hope this enlightened you to the awesomeness of Japanese earrings! Are they easily available where you live or no? Are you like me and don’t have pierced ears?
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One thought on “Clip-On Earrings (Japan Edition)

  1. PB&J says:

    Hi Jessica! I stumbled onto your blog when searching for clip-on earring options, cute blog! Like you, I’ve never gotten my ears pierced and honestly just don’t feel motivated to get it done, especially given how many people end up with complications. The ones you got are super cute, but are they comfy??? That’s my number 1 concern. I see you got ones with different backings – especially the clear/invisible one? How comfortable is that compared to the more traditional solid ones?


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