Review: Lust Have It (March)


After Bellabox being a let down I decided to try another Australian beauty box – Lust Have It. I must say that when I got it in the mail I was pretty happy with what I got but now looking back at the items and having watched some youtube videos about it, I’m not that happy anymore. I will say up front that I wouldn’t recommend this box either. Maybe beauty boxes just aren’t for me?

Maybe because I ordered late in the month of March they didn’t have any bags left but I don’t know? They’re supposed to be mailed out in cute little make up bags and I know from some youtube reviews that March was indeed mailed out in a bag, so. Everything was just rolling around in a box.


Here’s the card of items. Lots of full size and high prices made me pretty excited, I’m not going to lie!


As you can see, I didn’t exactly get what was on the card…


Instead of the concealer, I got this spray face primer from Natural Glamour. Never heard of this brand but thought it sounded really neat! This is what initially made me pretty happy with the box but after hearing about other Natural Glamour items in the box being super old stock I checked the date on this and it said 2010 on it. Not sure if that is manufacture (most likely) or expiry but either way I don’t think that’s cool at all. I’ve decided not to use this due to its age.


The best item in the box! A sample of Paula’s Choice BHA which I have enjoyed using. Though it smells so freaking weird, like off hamburgers… my COSRX BHA smells much nicer lol.


Here’s the full size Natural Glamour foundation that is apparently New and worth $30. First of all, the Light is just plain dark orange on me, it’s pretty disgusting. I’ve seen swatches of the other shade, Medium, and it looks like brown mud. Second, apparently some of these have dates on them that say 2009 – mine doesn’t have a date at all but still, ew. Third, these are actually not New then and have been found in $1 bins at stores before. Bleh. Obviously, Natural Glamour was trying to get rid of old stock they couldn’t sell.


A full size eye liner but Designer Brands? Meh. I don’t like brush eyeliners much either and it’s not very black so.


Last, this lipliner by Ulta3. Another company I’ve never heard of. It was okay but I don’t have any lipsticks to go with it and it’s only worth $3.

Over all, I feel pretty silly for touting this as a great box when it arrived. I think it was all the nice full size make up items I received in contrast to the boring sample skin care from Bellabox. In the end, nothing is actually very nice and it seems a bit shady too, in regards to Natural Glamour.

I’ve decided beauty boxes are just not my thing. If I’m going to spend $20 a month, I’d rather buy one nice item of my choosing to play with. Plus, shopping from a lot of Asian beauty websites I get tonnes of samples included in my packages anyway.

What do you think of beauty boxes? Worth it or not?

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2 thoughts on “Review: Lust Have It (March)

  1. rachaelaflood says:

    I’ve never tried beauty boxes but I love watching the unboxing videos on youtube and reading about them here. I hear that boxycharm is meant to be great this month was apparently amazing because they got the revealed 2 palette! xx loved your post


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