Review: Etude House Nail Polishes


For awhile now I’ve been collecting some Etude House nail polishes. They’re cheap and plentiful, coming in every colour and finish imaginable. You can buy Play ones, they come in a huge range of standard colours and glitters, as well as limited collections. You can also buy Juicy Cocktail sets, sets that look like bunnies and single ice cream cones. Etude House also sells a range called “Help My Finger” that covers top cats and strengtheners.


Jelly Types: When I looked through all my plain coloured polishes I found they were all Jelly types. I guess I’m just drawn to the jelly texture. As you can see, I bought three of these in Japan. The stores there have extra stickers on them. The middle two I bought from Etude House’s global online store. I think, overall, their jelly formula is excellent! Two layers and it’s done. They’re easy to apply, not too thick and not too watery, and dry fairly quickly with a nice gloss. By themselves I would say they last about 3 days until chipping, for me. I’m pretty clumsy with my nails though. I’m sure they’d last longer if you were more careful than I am. I’d only day that the light pink colours look a bit chunky and streaky for me. The deeper colours go on perfectly though.


Glitter Types: I have two types of glitter here. All of them are PG = pearlised glitter, except for the last one (on the far right) which is SG = syrup glitter. As you can see, even the PG’s are different from each other. You really have to pay attention to the swatches to understand what kind of glitter you are getting. The three in the middle are from a Summer collection and the green one especially has an interesting sand texture. All the PG have a semi-transparent colour base and either small glitter or a mix. The SG one has a transparent clear base with a mixture of chunky and little glitter – the one I have has little white sticks and hearts, etc. These are pretty standard glitter polishes and go on as expected. I wouldn’t say you could get full glitter coverage with any though, but they look great over other polishes!


Novelty Sets: They sell a few different novelty sets to differ from the Play range. Except for the ice cream cone, they are usually in sets and come in much smaller packaging. If you can still find any of these I highly recommend them, the pack of three Juicy Cocktail ones especially, they go on like a dream and look amazing together! I wish I could have gotten the purple ones from that set. The only thing that surprised me about these was the bunny duo, the glitter is not a polish but straight glitter – you’re meant to press it on the green polish while it’s still drying I believe. It was still a nice effect but the glitter went everywhere!


Top Coat: I don’t have a lot of luck with top coats but I recently bought this one from EH and am loving it! It’s fairly watery and just a single swipe over each nail is enough. It really makes the nails glossy and polish does last so much longer with it. I don’t get any chips for at least a week, much more than the 3 days usually. I’ve read elsewhere that it took a long time to dry but not for me, only about 20 minutes until I was putting on oven mitts and getting dinner out without a single problem.

Overall, I really love Etude House polishes! They have so many amazing colours and finishes that I could continue buying them forever. I really hope to add more to my collection as time goes by.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.20.19 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.26.56 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.24.52 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.27.02 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.18.33 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.21.24 pm

That said, I recently bought some Innisfree and TFS polishes too and they were excellent, so I don’t think they’re the only polish game in Asian beauty, but will worth the price. What are some other good nail polishes from Asian brands that you use? What are your favourite Etude House ones?

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