Sheet Mask: Pure Smile Peach Milk


Everyone I follow is crazy for sheet masks and I enjoy the little reviews people post about them, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m not labelling these posts as Reviews since they’re smaller than that and also readers can just look through Sheet Masks posts if they want rather than going through everything I’ve reviewed.

 Last night I used this Pure Smile mask in Peach Milk (mk07). I have used this type about 4 times now. Having bought 1 online from alphabeautyuk and then a few more when I was in Tokyo. It lists Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E as it’s main ingredients. The main purpose of this mask then is for moisturising.

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As per the usual instructions, you cleanse your face, place on the mask and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. I left this one on for 20 minutes. I know some people just use them until they dry up or however long they want, but I prefer going to the maximum listed time.

When you take this out of the baggie, it is just the cotton mask wrapped over itself. Before I used a My Beauty Diary mask I didn’t even know they came with plastic sheets on them. I much prefer cotton by itself. Less waste and fiddling around.

ribbonFit: As you can see from my serial killer mugshot, it fits fairly well. It’s large in terms of face size and covers the entire surface of my face. There are a few slits in the mask so it wraps better around the chin and I think it achieves what it needs to do. The eye holes are not too small and it has flaps if you wish to cover your eyes. I never noticed until now that the mouth hole is upturned like a smile, well done Pure Smile. ;)

ribbonSmell: Oh gosh, this smells like a mix between fresh peach, lolly peach and medicine. There’s a slight smell of this certain type of peach water you can buy in Japan with an after-smell of medicine. The medicine is really particular to me, this creamy strawberry one I had for tonsillitis as a kid. I think there’s definitely a milkiness to it. The smell lasts well after the mask as well. At least 3 hours.

ribbonEssence: The mask has a good saturation of essence but only just enough. There’s no dripping, so your neck stays dry and nothing goes into your eyes or mouth. I thought the essence did a good job at some extra moisture and my face felt a bit brighter and firmer afterwards.

ribbonRemoval: After removing the mask it only took 30 seconds or so of swiping my hands over my face and neck to work the excess essence into my skin. 1 minute later and it was all soaked in and smooth.

ribbonOverall: Pure Smile are my favourite sheet masks, I love how standardly good they are and this Peach Milk one is no exception. I know that maybe they aren’t that special but they give my skin good moisture and some firming and brightening. The plus with this mask especially is that I love the smell of peaches and the essence soaks in so well afterwards – no need to remove excess. If you can get your hands on this Peach Milk one, I would say it’s excellent as an every day mask or whenever you need a sweet peach pick-me-up.

How was this review and would you like to see more? What do I need to do differently? I’m not sure about doing number scores as I’ve never really thought they did much – especially since I like most sheet masks fairly well. Sometimes the smell is gross or it fits badly but I feel like most of the time they’re pretty much the same? XD

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