Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 palette


Since Urban Decay finally became available in Australia, thanks to Mecca, I had to buy a Naked palette. I mean, doesn’t nearly everyone who’s interested in this kind of make up own at least one by now? I decided to go with the Naked 3 palette as I like pink tones and heard it worked well with fair skin people with red or dark hair. I know these have been talked about and reviewed to death so you don’t have to read another one from me but whatever, let me enjoy the moment! :P


Here it is out of the box. In this light you can really see the design in the metal of silk or fabric of some kind. It feels very luxurious! In the box there was a sample of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer.

naked3_003 naked3_009

In the sample packet there was a sample of all 4 kinds of primer: Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-Aging. I believe it said that each packet has 1 week of application in them. So receiving 4 weeks worth of primer is a nice addition to the palette!

naked3_004 naked3_005

The palette is a brown-gold plastic inside with small rectangular pans and comes with a double ended brush. The brush is alright but not excellent. You technically only get two mattes but I think the end whitish colour, Strange, is basically matte which is great for hooded eyelids where you don’t really want a shimmer eyebrow highlight. The colours go from feminine dusty pinks to deeper browns with a gorgeous rose gold in the middle.


Swatched on my NW10 arm. You can really see how buttery and pigmented the shimmer shades are especially.


The lighter colours in the palette. The lightest shimmer pink, Dust, has really big chunks of glitter in it which I’m not too into but would make for a good pop on the middle of the eyelid. The rose gold near the top of this photo, Trick, is just gorgeous!


Now the deeper brown colours. My favourite in the whole palette is the top colour, Blackheart, not just because the name is awesome but it’s just so pretty! A matte black with red glitter throughout. The effect is just awesome to me.

I attempted two looks so far with the palette, just messing around with it. I apologise for the not so great pictures but my eyes are what they are and my eyebrows need serious attention right now, argh!

eyes001 eyes002

The darker look I used Strange as highlight, Blackheart as eyelid and lash line, Nooner as crease and lashline and Limit as transition. I think I need to use a dark NYX pencil underneath or something to really help Blackheart build up. But I like how in person it brought out my eyes, making the green pop and the white really stand out.

The lighter look I used Buzz on the eyelid, Mugshot on the crease, Darkside as the outer V and lashline, Dust in the inner corner and Strange as the highlight. I think this is a nice simple everyday look!

I’m considering buying Naked 2 right now but I want to practice and get better at eye looks altogether and get more use out of this one first! Which nudes palette is your favourite, even if it’s not a Naked one?

JessicaSignature Graphic


2 thoughts on “Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

  1. dianasadventures says:

    I had the naked pallete 2 but I just suck at applying makeup so I ended up giving it away to a friend :X haha, but your eyes look so gorgeous that I am seriously regretting my decision right now!


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