Sheet Mask: Etude House Green Tea


Today’s mask is Etude House Green Tea. I picked this one up randomly in Tokyo to try out. I had heard a lot of great things about Green Tea masks so I wanted to give it a go!



My best worried serial killer face.

ribbonFit: The fit isn’t quite right for my face. Obviously, my nose has a higher arch and therefore the nose and eye areas don’t really fit at all. The eye holes are really small for me. The mouth is also rather small and I stretched that out with my fingers after the photo above but I still got some serum into my mouth, icky! I think if you have a much smaller, flatter face then this mask will fit much better but if you have a giant, pointy face like mine then maybe not.

ribbonSmell: When I opened the package it smelled super herbal, I wouldn’t say green tea necessarily but something to that effect. After I put on the mask I didn’t really smell anything at all but a mild soapy scent.

ribbonEssence: The mask is well saturated and the essence wasn’t runny. Though when I touched some that was on my skin where I had moved the mask a little, it was a bit sticky to the touch. The formula is supposed to be moisturising and relief. I feel like you get moisture no matter what with these masks but I do think I got some relief. I used this after using BHA with some active acne and it did calm down after. Though that may have been the coolness of the mask instead?

ribbonRemoval: There wasn’t too much serum left and after wiping with my palms to massage in the leftovers it was mostly soaked in after 2 minutes though it did leave a sticky feeling which I fixed with my moisturiser on top.

ribbonOverall: For being a bad fit and kinda sticky, the results were pretty instant. My face had lost most of its redness and it seemed really bright and clear. It’s not too uncomfortable a fit but it does feel constricting around the eyes and therefore it’s a better mask for when you want a 20 minute nap or relaxation time.

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