Review: Banila co. Clean it Zero


After reading Beautyandthecat’s review on cleansing balms I just knew I needed to try it out for myself. There’s a store in my city that sells Banila co. and they had a huge pile of Clean it Zero so I picked one up! I know Beautyandthecat reviewed the Purity version but that wasn’t at the store, sadly. Still, I have heard great things about the original formula and went for it!


The packaging is all plastic but I feel like from a distance it does look a lot like glass and metal so I think it still looks really pretty. It comes with a little plastic spatula which is super useful for dishing out the correct amount.


Obviously being a balm it is solid in the container and is almost sherbert, waxy in feeling when you put it on your skin. It instantly starts to melt into more of an oil as you massage it in. It does have a fragrance and it’s like a berry soap smell. I’ve read others say it’s a sharp floral but I think it’s sweeter and fruitier than that. I don’t mind it at all and don’t really notice it on my skin.


From the bottom you can see the product doesn’t go all the way to the sides but it makes it easier to scrape out the last bits in the end, as it is the same size as the opening.

Now for the trusty old makeup test! Here you can see the initial texture and then how oily it becomes after massage.

L1050753 L1050754 L1050755 L1050756 L1050752 L1050758

It cleans off make up exceptionally well, although you can’t really see in the photo of my eye that there is a little eyeliner left on the lower lash line. This is probably due to it being a Kpalette one and those are indestructible! Overall, it cleaned really well.

The feeling after drying is a little, it’s not squeaky and it’s not an oily film, but there’s a little texture there – kind of dryness. I find putting on a toner or a hydration mist right afterwards eliminates this though so I don’t think it’s much of an issue.

I’ve been using the Clean it Zero for a little while now, it no longer looks as pristine as pictured above haha, and I’m really enjoying it. My skin issues are hormonal so ignore that in the photos, I have a doctor’s appointment soon! But it hasn’t added anything to my trouble skin or elsewhere. But it doesn’t really clean out the SF on my nose and I feel like that’s a battle that can’t be won. They can’t really be fixed and at least having freckles kind of masks them anyway.

I would recommend trying this product out if you’re looking for something different from the usual oils and foams. I don’t use a second cleanser after this because I never feel like my skin needs double cleansing. But I think it’s gentle enough that you could. There are more than this type including Purity which is for sensitive skin with no fragrance. But I haven’t felt the need to pick that one up so far.

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