Sheet Mask: Hello Kitty Face Pack Purple


These came out in Japan just before I visited last and I found them in the Hello Kitty store in Diver City, Odaiba. Of course, I had to give them a go! It’s Hello Kitty! I took them out of the package and threw the package away stupidly because there is no actual information on these. So I sort of guessed with 15 minutes being okay.


ribbonFit: The fit is actually pretty good! I guess the mask is fairly wide and it did go onto my hair but it’s nice to have the coverage as well as big enough eye and mouth holes so that it’s not annoying to wear.

ribbonSmell: Wowee, if you don’t like lavender then don’t go for the purple ones because this is super lavender! Although it does make it perfect for lying back and really relaxing! I can be a little sensitive to lavender though and it made me sneeze a couple of times.

ribbonEssence: Mask was saturated and essence wasn’t drippy or sticky. It felt very smooth and almost watery. I think these masks are more general in what they do, essentially brightening and moisturising.

ribbonRemoval: There was a lot of essence left on my face and took a little bit to really work it into the skin but surprisingly it soaked in really well and left my skin feeling soft and moisturised. No sticky residue whatsoever.

ribbonOverall: It’s a standard sheet mask which felt super cooling, the essence wasn’t sticky and really soaked into the skin. But to be honest, anyone who’s going to buy this is doing so for the Hello Kitty design haha. I mean, that’s why I bought it! A package comes with two sheet masks and it was around 800 yen so the price is pretty bonkers when you think about it. As a fun splurge, maybe for a beauty night with your girlfriends, it would be perfect though!

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