Review: Venus Spa


This review is on a range of fragance products I bought in Tokyo the last December from Venus Spa. Their products certainly called me from the store shelves with pretty colours and gold detailing. I bought two body mists and a body milk which is a light moisturiser.

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When you purchase these they are shrink wrapped in plastic with gorgeous flower stickers across the top like above. Sadly, they come off to open them which I was a little disappointed in because they were so pretty!

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Premium Fragrance Mist. 1,450 yen for 85mL. The bottles are made of plastic with a gold cap. I’m personally okay with the plastic as it looks nice enough on the dressing table and you don’t have to worry about breaking it or chucking it in your bag for travelling. It lasts exceptionally well too. I’ve been using the pink bottle for over 4 months and not even a quarter is gone and I decanted some into a small bottle for my handbag. The scents are fresh and last for a fairly long time though I tend to do a little spray every 4 hours or so when I’m out and about to get a fresh burst.

Pink bottle: Sweet Daisy, Marigold and Carnation. I’ve been using this mostly as a fan of sweeter scents. It makes me think of melon a lot actually.

Purple bottle: Freesia, Hyacinth, Platycodon. This scent I think I will use more now as it gets colder. It’s a lot more mild than the pink one, a musky sweet floral scent.

On the front of all the bottles is the following text embossed in gold:

A story of celebrated flowers. Unfold the bouquet to spread a touch of the opulence, that leads you to the destination of a dream. Wear the fragrance in dazzling colours, as to love yourself more.

L1050762 L1050766

Premium Body Milk.1,650 yen for a 200mL bottle. With the gold cap I think this looks so expensive and classy. The bottle itself is coloured plastic and not see-through.

The scent is listed as Pink Rose, Pink Sweet Pea and Gerbera. There is definitely a strong background of floral but to me the sweet pea really shines through with a burst of fruity sweet smell.

It contains macadamia nut oil, almond oil, olive oil for moisturising. Flower extracts like rose and lavender and Argan tree sprout stem cell extract for skin conditioning. So not only does it smell divine and perfume the body, it also works as a body lotion.

L1050765 L1050767

It comes out as a not-too-thick, not-too-watery lotion that is white and has a slight shine for around 30 seconds after massaging it in. The skin is moisturised well and the perfume is rather strong and lasts for a fairly long time, maybe 2 hours noticeably, although it obviously dissipates in that time. It’s a standard moisturiser but it’s really used for the scent.

Some other scents in the range include “Water lily, Hydrangea & Delphinium” and “Green rose, Jasmine & Muguet”. And other products include a hair range, hand and nail range and UV range which includes sunscreen. If you can get your paws on these I highly recommend them especially for gifts because they’re so gorgeous and the scents are all to die for, although extremely feminine. In Tokyo I found these in the basement of Shibuya 109 and a store on Omotesando near the Harajuku train station.

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