Sheet Mask: Pure Smile Royal Jelly


Pure Smile Royal Jelly was actually my first sheet mask that I bought in Tokyo! When I returned to Tokyo during my next holiday I bought a bunch more of them!



Hello! Pure Smile sure does make me smile. These are actually my favourite masks.

ribbonFit: The fit isn’t perfect per se but it covers all the areas well enough, including the nose bridge, and doesn’t annoy my eyes or mouth too much. There are bottom eye flaps but I never really know how to use them, they seem kind of annoying? lol

ribbonSmell: I didn’t find this to have a smell at all? No honey or sweetness, nor chemical or soap. Just no real smell at all. That’s great if you hate fragrances!

ribbonEssence: The essence is just saturated enough into the mask and gives a good coating to your face without being sticky or too slippery. It contains Arbutin which has a lightening effect on the skin

ribbonRemoval: Removal was easy and it only took 30 seconds or so to massage the remaining essence into the skin. My face was visibly lighter and less red right after with a little glow! My face dries to a soft smoothness, no texture or film, and feels really springy.

ribbonOverall: This is definitely one of my all time favourite masks because it’s just simple, not smelly and leaves a result that I like. If you can get your hands on these masks cheaply, which is easier said than done, you’ll basically have to stock up in Japan, then I do recommend these as a nice every day mask!

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2 thoughts on “Sheet Mask: Pure Smile Royal Jelly

  1. binequeen says:

    I agree with you about the eye flaps – I never use them but I suspect that maybe I’m supposed to close my eyes and put the flap over my eyes?!?! The instructions don’t mention anything about them, ever. Lol


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