May Favourite Things! (2015)


Here are my favourite things from the past month of May! The month was especially rainy and dark, Autumn is quickly moving into Winter and I must say I am a fan.


TV: Galavant. 

I basically watched all 8 episodes of this in one sitting. And since then I have re-watched the whole thing again. It’s so cute and funny! Galavant is a musical comedy set in a medieval fantasy world. It has music by Alan Menkin and is just like a long, silly Disney film with adult jokes and storylines. There are some sneaky references to Game of Thrones among other things. I’m kind of obsessed! This also recently got a renewal for a second season and I can’t wait!


Home: Rearranging! As you can see, I have a fair amount of make up and it was taking up a lot of space on my bathroom counter with my skincare, so I moved it all to the bedroom. It’s now all organised on top of my set of drawers next to my floor length mirror. I sadly have no room for a proper dressing table in this house but we plan on moving in a couple of months to a bigger place so if all goes to plan I will have somewhere to spread out and sit!


Art: Two Witches by woolandwaterI bought this darling art print off etsy. It’s not an original but a high quality giclee print and I couldn’t be happier! The artist also put in a sticker and a post card with my order. I can’t wait to get the perfect frame for this!


Skincare: Lush D’Fluff. This is actually my first Lush product purchase. I normally can’t go in the store when I see it because the smell gives me a headache but I braved it for a few minutes to pick this up. I am super bad about shaving my legs. I really just don’t do it. Normally I don’t even care. But there comes to a point when you just want nice, smooth legs. I had never used shaving cream or soap before this and really liked using it! My legs were heavenly soft and glossy afterwards. I may just shave and use this more just for the moisturising effect and sweet smell!


Gaming: Story of Seasons. I’m a huge Harvest Moon fan and if you don’t know the big Natsume/Xseed drama over the English title then it is easy to Google. ;) Story of Seasons is the next real addition to the game series of Harvest Moon and I have being dying to get my hands on it! With no Europe/Australia date of release in sight, my partner and I decided to buy a US 3DS and buy SoS off the Canadian eshop (since they take foreign credit cards). I got a bit addicted to this for a week or so! Luckily, taking a break has weakened it’s hold on me and I’ll play more when my uni work is finished. As a Harvest Moon game, it’s super fun and gorgeous!


Food: Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate. This is Australian as hell but man, it’s delicious. Obviously not everyone will agree but I think it’s great! It’s like salted caramel with the background hint of vegemite. If you’ve never had vegemite before, it is a yeast spread that is really salty. I prefer eating it on toast with lots of butter and only a light scraping of vegemite over the top. Lots of jokes have come out of this fun little combination but whatever, I think it’s good!


Life: Degree! My last May favourite was finally receiving my Bachelor degree parchment. I didn’t realised until my partner did his degree that you get two parchments when you do the optional Honours 4th year, so I will be getting a second one just for my Honours in History part next year. Because of this I decided not to go to graduation this year and will do the whole robes and hat stuff next year. I’m still super proud of myself for achieving this though! It still doesn’t feel like it all happened but I guess I’m still technically studying in the same thing for now.

I’m sorry for my lack of posts lately. This semester is just coming to an end and I have two essays to write and hand up so I will be missing for a little while more yet. Everything will be much easier next semester since I won’t be doing any classes, just Thesis writing.

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