Sheet Mask: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate


I picked up a packet of 10 or 12 of these while I was in Singapore. Pomegranate I believe is supposed to brighten the face as well as moisturise and strengthen the skin.



ribbonFit: The fit is okay. The eyes and mouth are a little on the small side so i can kind of feel the mask at the outer edges of my eyes. Otherwise the nose is covered perfectly and it clings to the rest of my face with little trouble.

ribbonSmell: Is there really a scent to this mask? I don’t really notice it when I’m sitting around with the mask on. I would say it’s a little sweet but otherwise not a lot of smell going at all.

ribbonEssence: The essence is suuuuper watery. It drips just a little bit onto the neck and at first it feels like the mask won’t adhere to your face, it’s that slippery. But I was still able to sit at my laptop and do things though I didn’t move my head too much around. After awhile, as the essence was being sucked up into my face, the mask became more stiff and less watery.

ribbonRemoval: The mask was still suuuper wet and so was my face. There was a lot of excess essence which I had to pat off with a tissue. After I had done that it became really sticky. It was all a bit strange and annoying. I put on a layer of moisturiser and my face is still pretty sticky.

ribbonOverall: I wouldn’t recommend this sheet mask for before an event or right before sleep. Do it during a nice relaxing afternoon or something because your face is going to be sticky and shiny for awhile afterwards. Apart from that, it’s not a terrible mask and it’s good for moisturising but it’s not as pleasant an experience as some of the other ones I’ve reviewed here already.

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