Sheet Mask: Holika Holika Ampoule from Nature – Ceramide + Honey


I sort of liked the Holika Holika masks that look like jugs with liquid splashing into them so I decided to try out a different type this time. This was cheap on the store so I threw it in on my last order, I believe it was Jolse. Also I have heard good things about ceramide so why not? Sounds like it’d be great!



Today I truly feel like a serial killer.

ribbonFit: It was small. As you can see in the photo I had to pull open the mouth and the eyes to really fit. Probably the smallest mask I have used so far. I mean, it still fit around my face but the features are just too small. Although it fit my nose okay.

ribbonSmell: Is there really a smell? Hmm.. maybe the slight hint of sweetness from honey but overall I’m not smelling much scent from this at all.

ribbonEssence: Okay, the essence kind of weirded me out. It was extremely slippery pulling it out of the package and the cotton is absolutely soaked, but the essence is kind of thick. It’s more like a lotion than an essence I feel. It’s clear when spread out but when it’s more built up on your fingers from unfolding the mask it begins to look white. Very suspicious looking actually, if you have a dirty mind lol. Otherwise, it’s a very slippery essence at first. It feels like the cotton is moving on your face if you walk around with this. After awhile it does begin to sink into the skin and has less slip but it feels really weird at first! What was also strange is that there was no instant cooling effect on my face from this. It just felt room temperature. I know I do just leave my masks out, I do not refrigerate them, but usually there is a little shock feeling when you put it on but not for this one.

ribbonRemoval: It’s soooo thick! /Milhouse. It really is a heavy mask, essence wise. The leftover was really thick on my face and though I did massage some of it in, I just sort of left it to do its job. It did sink in eventually but it was a little tacky on the skin.

ribbonOverall: Ceramide is said to be very moisturising and I needed it today. I put this on right after a nice shower so my face was prime for moisture! It also includes honey (of course) as well as shea butter and avocado which I think added to the thickness of the essence. The feeling was a bit weird, all slippery on my face, and the fit was a little small but overall it was alright. Just a couple of seconds to rearrange and it was all good for the 15 minutes I sat here. The essence does tend to dry a little sticky afterwards though. But overall I think this could be an okay mask for winter if you happen to get it for cheap or free, haha. Otherwise, maybe don’t bother, there are better honey sheet masks on the market.

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