Shinjuku, Part Two


Last week I posted Part One of my Shinjuku travel post and here I present the second part! I find you can never take or share too many photos in Japan so I thought I’d save your loading times and post my photos in halves. I hope you enjoy more Shinjuku and food photos! Above is a photo of the fairy lights along our walk back to our airbnb from the train station. This was in front of a huge office building. It certainly made for a romantic hand-holding walk in the cold, with our shopping bags and iced coffees haha.


Fairy lights were everywhere! These trees had a cute mix of little lights and coloured balls of lights. This was on the walk to Flags and the South-East exit.


Going through the underground passage back to the airbnb, rather than the street above, there were more hidden shopping and food areas. This was going towards the West. We found these adorable animal donuts! They’re not your usual donuts, I think they’re baked rather than fried. The icing is chocolately and delicious though! And just oh so kawaii!


We had many a dessert during our stay and I really miss the cakes they sell in Tokyo! This was a cute little cake place with layered cup types and and iced flavoured teas. I got the apple one which had cake, mousse and apple inside, and my partner got a chocolate one.


One of the rare days that it rained. It was foggy and mysterious amongst the huge office buildings. The only drawback to staying in the West side is the lack of real restaurants and eating places.


A little look inside of the train station restaurant “malls”. It’s fun to walk around and decide on where you’re going to eat. If there’s no room inside, each place has stools set outside so you can sit and wait in line! They usually bring a menu out to you and often take your order, so once you have a seat inside your drinks and food just come out to you.


Looking out from a level 8 or 9 of these restaurant places at some adorable rainbow trees!


One of the restaurants we dined at for an early lunch, our server wrote this on my coaster! So sweet! My partner’s had “Merry Xmas!’ written and a funny drawing of Santa on it.


Near the East exit was a lovely florist and walking by the huge array of flowers every day was a cheerful sight!


Katsu katsu katsu! We had this twice, from the same chain of restaurants but in different locations. This one was in Shinjuku and the other in Akihabara. I love how the katsu came on a little grate so it wouldn’t get soggy, and you got free refills of cabbage. All the cabbage!! Super crispy and delicious. I really liked their chopsticks too and bought 2 pairs since they were selling them at the register.


Walking the streets north east, I caught one of my favourite photos of the trip! Just the lighting, the colours and the cab in the perfect spot. Tokyo is rather gorgeous in an urban glass and cement way. I love how it’s all mismatched and forced together.


My last photo is a bit random. It’s just a store front. Shinjuku is definitely very colourful and vibrant in its own way, different to Akihabara and Harajuku. I love that traveling to different areas of Tokyo is like going to all new and varying cities.

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