Sheet Mask: TonyMoly Hello Sheep 2015


I haven’t heard fantastic things about TonyMoly sheet masks but look at the packaging, it’s adorable! I just had to try this one out for the new year of the sheep! ;)



ribbonFit: I can’t say the fit was too bad. The eyes and mouth are big enough not to be annoying but the nose is sooo long, I mean I guess it’s nice to have full coverage there but with the essence it was kind of annoying. Plus the thing never wanted to stay down on my chin.

ribbonSmell: There was definitely a fragrance and it was a light floral perfume kind of one. I don’t really know how to describe it because it wasn’t any one thing. Just think general perfume.

ribbonEssence: I’m not sure what this was supposed to do but the essence itself was very very watery and I needed to wedge a towel under my chin during the 20 minutes because it was dripping and wet down my neck. This is why the long nose flap wasn’t great because it dripped into my nose and inside my nose it felt a little, not painful, but you know when your nostrils get a little aggravated? Yeah.

ribbonRemoval: Surprisingly the wetness wasn’t so bad when I removed it and it didn’t take long to massage the remainder into the skin. It became sticky at first and after about 30 minutes left on the skin it was all sunk in and my skin is soft but not that hydrated feeling. :\

ribbonOverall: I bought it for the cute packaging but other than that, eh. I don’t think it’s wort tracking down to be honest. The fit is kind of strange, it smells like straight up perfume, it’s drippy wet and wasn’t all that moisturising. Oh well! At least the sheep gave me a cute photo!

JessicaSignature Graphic


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