Review: PARIS KID’S on Rakuten

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I know everyone has gone crazy shopping on Rakuten for Japanese skincare and sunscreen but, feeling the lack of adorable earrings and accessories here in Australia, I decided to have a browse for any store that could quench my thirst lol! Of course, I hit the jackpot of PARIS KID’S! If you’ve been to Takeshita Street in Harajuku, you would have seen their store and that is the exact location you are buying from on their Rakuten! I made a fairly big order since everything is so cheap there, around 360 yen per item. I’m not sure if they take Paypal or ship SAL, I just used my card and got EMS because I wanted my package, stat! The shipping wasn’t as bad as I thought for 20 items, 1,500 yen! I ordered 3rd of June, they shipped 4th of June despite saying my order was “crowded” and would take longer. I can’t remember the exact time it arrived because I wasn’t allowed to have it until I finished my essays and we had the Queen’s Birthday on the weekend. But I would say around the 9th or 10th.

Here is an ordering guide for Rakuten, though I feel it’s pretty self explanatory if you stay on the Global version.

I ordered my items and then waited for the store to reply with the shipping amount. I know this is a little daunting, not knowing the shipping amount at the start, but keeping at least $20 spare for estimated shipping should be all you need. For PARIS KID’S I had to reply to their shipping quote to agree to the amount and then I got a bazillion emails from them and Rakuten talking about the process until I got the tracking number.

Just a warning that the rest of the post is picture heavy! Let’s see what PARIS KID’S seeenntt!


The usual sturdy shipping box from Japan. PARIS KID’S had their own cute sticker on the side! The box was fairly small which was nice to keep the price economical.


Opening it up I didn’t expect it to be so packed full of surprising things! I still don’t know what this Happy? thing is though…


With my invoice was a cute little enveloped letter address to me, and yes it is hand-written! Their attention to detail when packing this made me feel very special haha. I must add that included inside the invoice was a set of shop bags that they would put items into if you had bought in-store! So make sure to take out the invoice and check for them!

L1050859 L1050860

They also included this printed note on visiting their store, with a proper 2015 map included and a coupon to use in-store. Though sadly, I won’t be going to Tokyo any time before this expires. It’s a nice addition though!


All my items were put into two pink baggies.


And here is everything deposited onto my bed. All the delicate things were in plastic baggies and wrapped in individual bubble wrap.


The first of my items were these “gothic” or “halloween” themed items for when I’m feeling dark and witchy. ;) A warning about the choker though, it doesn’t fit my fat neck but I will replace the chain to a longer one so it’s an easy fix! I didn’t realise the witch earring was a single earring… but that’s still good. Will pair it with a cute similar themed gold earring I think. A picture of it worn is below…


My group of gold items, plus two rose or pink gold! The cat necklace is so teeny tiny, which seems to be popular in Japan, and it is very cute!


A better view of the rings, especially the crown one! Both rings were labelled as pinky finger rings so they are pretty small for my non-asian giant hands. I’ll be using them as cute upper knuckle rings instead!


I don’t have a lot of silver things despite it being my preferred metal. Everything is just gold in Japan! But here are my silver selections, and you can buy most of these styles in other metal finishes too! My favourite would be the middle cross pair. The light purple plastic stones have an opal glitter effect. But how adorable is the cat on the star and the star shaped metal box for the moon diamonte? Squee! The black clover is a piece of acrylic.


I like the idea of brooches, especially as a budding historian, so I purchased a couple of cute ones. I know you can get cameo ones anywhere but this cameo design is just too gorgeous! Normally the faces are pretty lackluster but this one is very detailed and delicate. The others are just because I am a crazy cat lady.


Hair ties! I know scrunchies are just so not cool here in the West but in Japan they are and they’re cute so whatever! The second hair tie is a normal one with a perfect chiffon bow attached to it. My hair has just started being long enough that I can finally use these kinds of accessories again!


These are both neckties, like for a uniform or blouse. I originally bought a black one during a trip to Tokyo but of course, I moved and now it has disappeared. So I restocked because proper neckties are just adorable to me! Plus I added in a cute tartan one for winter.

Now for some earring trying on. Ignore my pink ear, none of the earrings are too tight or heavy but my ears are sensitive and plump so they get squished lol.

L1050871 L1050872 L1050873 L1050874 L1050875 L1050878

So that was my PARIS KID’S haul and I highly recommend their Rakuten store! It is totally worth the trouble and I don’t think it’s all that hard to learn to use. Just keep Google Translate open and budget appropriately for shipping costs. I’ve used my debit card directly twice on Rakuten now and have no issues but you can use the Notes on your order to ask for Paypal instead and some stores do accept it.

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