Review: The SAEM Moitsurizing Mojito Grapefruit Jelly Mist


Face mists are just one of those extras that are not necessary but oh so lovely to indulge in. It’s kind of addicting spritzing your face through the day when you need a pick me up. I have a cooling mist by Etude House but it was an aerosol and I wanted something a bit nicer to the environment. So I picked up this The SAEM Moitsurizing Mojito Grapefruit Jelly Mist. It also comes in Lemon but I’m not a big lemon fan.


In the bottle it seems slightly thick and, of course, jelly like. When you spray it, it’s more like water and instantly absorbs into your skin.

The mist itself is made using 100% grapefruit carbonated water rather than purified water and also contains aloe vera gel and green plum water.

The mist is very refreshing, smelling exactly like grapefruit, and definitely gives a little boost of hydration and cools the face.

What more is there to say? If you like a mist because it’s just nice to do every now and then I do recommend this one! It’s fresh, fun and definitely a nice size for your handbag. It’s only US$11 on Jolse. The lid is secure and it’s like a sunset in a bottle! This is my first the SAEM product and I really like it so I will probably try some more items one day. Have you tried the SAEM, what did you think?

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