Sheet Mask: Innisfree Tea Tree Hydro Gel Mask


Everyone is pretty much nuts for hydro gel masks and I had a fairly okay experience with an Etude House one so I thought I’d splurge for an Innisfree tea tree hydro gel mask for after my essays were finished. Well, they finished, I needed some face clearing action and I tried it out!



ribbonFit: Oh hell, I don’t know what was going on. It has two parts and all this plastic stuff and ugh. It was a nightmare to get on my face and then it just didn’t fit fell. In my photo, I had to pull up the nose because my breathing was making it go in and out of my nostrils lol. I thought people said these fit better? Well, not for me.

ribbonSmell: Smells fine. Clean and fresh, with a hint of tea tree but not overpowering.

ribbonEssence: I usually can’t feel much essence from hydro gels. I feel like half of it comes off with the plastic it’s attached to and all over my hands and stuff during my ultimate struggles trying to get the things on my face.

ribbonRemoval: Peeled off the gel stuff and my face was pretty dry. There was just no essence on this thing. Hours later my face still felt a bit sticky and not very nice feeling at all.

ribbonOverall: Hydro gels are maybe just not for me. It was a pain to get the pieces out of the package and I really hate when there are extra plastic pieces on the mask itself. Plus the stickiness that remained on my face wasn’t great. I did get some reduction in redness but overall, I wouldn’t spend the money on this. I think I’ll be sticking to cotton masks from now on.

JessicaSignature Graphic


3 thoughts on “Sheet Mask: Innisfree Tea Tree Hydro Gel Mask

    • kittenishgirl says:

      Upside was that it was very cooling and if you make sure you have a good area to unpackage it, it should be okay! Hope they work out better for you! I really liked the Etude House Bio Gel Coconut ones though if you wanted to give another a try one day. :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • allaboutleanne says:

        Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely check out that coconut one.
        My Innisfree package arrived today so I tried one of the hydro gels. SO DIFFICULT LOL.


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