June Favourite Things! (2015)


June has been both chilly and sunny this year. It was mostly stressful and busy but I got some good retail therapy in as well!


Life: Finishing my first semester of History Honours with two final essays written and handed in. I wrote four essays all up, totalling almost 13,000 words and 50% of my overall grade! Now I just have my Thesis left which is 15,000 words and worth the other 50% due in October, eep! I had two History of Emotions essays, the first was on Medieval romantic love and the second was Medieval fear of Jews. We got to create our own topic based on the emotions for the weeks we got (Love and Fear). I focused on Medieval history since that is my thesis area and the best period of history if I do say so myself. The other two essays were for the Common course with the first half on sources and the second on methodology and historiographical stuff. So the first one I looked at using paintings as sources and the second was the characteristics of Feminist history.


Shopping: Nekomimi Headphones! Kitty ears headphones. They’re black with a pink star on the ears. What more could you want?! Well, good sound quality too and they do give that. Much better bass than my old ones.


House: Bought new bed covers for winter. These were $17 each set at Kmart. Obviously very cheap because they are singles. We never match but that’s okay!


TV: Sense8 on Netflix! My partner and I binge watched this in a week. I was writing essays at the time so it probably would have only taken a day or two if we had the time. It’s supposed to be a sci-fi thriller but I enjoyed it more as a character piece. I fell in love with every single sensate. They are all my pure cinnamon roll babies! There’s also some gay sex, an orgy, and hilarious moments of one of the men getting to experience period pains and totally overreacting. They are eight people that are joined through their senses across the globe and it’s just a fascinating series. I really hope there will be another season!


Beauty: This sweet haul from Jolse made me pretty happy! Of course, singular reviews have been posted and will be posted for the items I bought. I love how many samples Jolse sends you, which reminds me that I should make a sample-ooza post one day, testing every sample I have.

Not much else to post for this month. It was busy with uni finishing and at the very end we’ve been moving house. The new house will be more featured in July’s Favourites I think. ;) Well, I hope everyone had a good June! I’m glad mine is over though.

JessicaSignature Graphic


3 thoughts on “June Favourite Things! (2015)

    • kittenishgirl says:

      They’re really cute! I’m not sure about wearing them in public though hehe. They came up randomly on CDJapan and I had to get them, being a crazy cat lady and all!


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